Actually toured BCV model?


Earning My Ears
Jun 5, 2001
Has anyone actually seen the BCV model rooms yet? Your impressions and a comparison to BWV rooms/layout? Thanks!
I toured last Wed and was very impressed with the BCV models. The rooms are similar in size to BWV and VWL. The main difference is that the connecting door for lock offs and dedicated 2BR's is in the foyer (where the closet usually is located) instead of the living room. This gives the living room a bigger feel and may make the rooms quieter.

There is an oblong table with bench seating near the kitchen, larger TV cabinet (with more storage for clothing), a desk in the master bedroom, some nice hidden Mickey's in the furniture and artwork and bright color schemes throughout.

The rooms have a nice airy feel to them. We were very pleased to see the layout and colors.

If you have access to the AOL board, there are some fabulous pictures of the models. I believe that person sometimes posts here as well.....maybe she could share her thoughts and pictures with the DIS crowd, too?
I did a walk thru on Sunday. I really liked the studio. I also found the whole set up prettier than the pictuers. I have to admit the sofa in the one-two bedroom was not something I would pick, but it is better than the photos.

However, if like me the only 1 Bedroom you have ever stayed in is OKW you will find the BCV one bedroom to be very small by comparison.

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