AAACK! We are flying I need flying 101

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by java, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. java

    java <font color=darkorchid>I am embracing the Turkey B

    Jan 18, 2005
    Preface that I have not flown post 9/11 and am a huge chicken when it comes to flying.
    But the promise of 2 days at universal in addition to our disney stay resulted in us flying.
    And I know nothing about it now.

    A few ?'s
    will my children need a photo id?
    Can I carry on snacks for them like a fruit rollup and cheerios? no liquids I get.
    Are there restrictions on electronics? Like a laptop?
    Anything major I should know about? or Minor?
    Oh and what rental car company has their pickup AT THE AIRPORT- not a shuttle bus away.

    Thank you information will calm me down.
  2. westjones

    westjones DIS Veteran

    Mar 11, 2002
    We take a computer with us and the kids watch DVDs or play games with it. So that isn't a problem.

    You can take snacks with you as long as they aren't liquid. They will give you drinks onboard, but I believe you can also buy drinks once you are through security and that those drinks can go onboard (but someone else should comment on this because we haven't tried it).

    We don't have photo IDs for our kids, just the adults (our kids are 14).

    You can take some small liquid times in a zip lock bag (3 oz bottles or less and I believe the zip lock bag is quart sized). Last time I took a small thing of sunblock and some hand sanitizer and my d took some liquid make up, all in the zip lock bag).

    You will have to take off shoes to go through security, and that is the part I hate. I try to have everyone wear slip on shoes so we can get them back on quickly.

    Plan for extra time to go through security now. You have to wait in a long line and everyone's bags are checked. We try to get to the airport a couple hours before we leave.

    Then my other "tip" is to take jackets/sweaters for plane because we all get cold on it (even in the summer). At the Orlando airport we were all cold also (in July) and I almost bought a blanket at the gift shop because we forgot and packed our sweaters in our checked bags.

    Have a nice trip!
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  4. cbrfan

    cbrfan DIS Veteran

    Feb 10, 2001
    Be aware that schedule and equipment changes are common. Be proactive with your travel arrangements - watch your flights for time and other changes. Contact the airline immediately if a change occurs that doesn't work for you to see about alternate arrangements. Keep in mind that you're only purchasing transportation from Point A to Point B Not a specific plane, time, or non-stop vs. layover and change of planes.

    Don't schedule important events like dining at the castle, etc., on arrival or departure day. That avoids a disappointment should a schedule change occur and the event needs to be cancelled. I like to be flexible on my arrival and departure day.

    If you book on an airline that offers credits for fare decreases, watch your flights for that decrease and call immediately to try to get one.

    Don't carry-on more than what is absolutely necessary to minimize the time spent at the security checkpoint.

    Recently, several airlines have made changes to their baggage allowances. Call the airline to verify this information.

    The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to spend as much time on these boards as possible. There's a wealth of information to be had. And if you have a question, don't be afraid to ask.
  5. ama4889

    ama4889 Earning My Ears

    Mar 5, 2008
    As far as I know, your children should not need ID, assuming you're from the states.

    You can carry on snacks, however, anything liquid or gel-ish will be taken. (Such as fruit cups). Anything you buy behind security can be taken on, including drinks. But, in my opinion, I'll take the free drinks over a $3 one. =P

    You will have to take your laptop out of the case at security and put it in its own bin. They tend to require this for larger SLR type digital cameras as well, but ive had no problems leaving my point and shoot camera in my purse, and my DS is usually fine in there. You will not be allowed to use the laptop (or any electronics) until you've reached cruising altitude on the plane, which can take a while from taxiing - so if your kids are antsy, consider something non-electronic.

    Also, like one poster said, you will have to take your shoes off at security. You will all also have to take off any jackets, sweaters, or other layers of clothing.

    I don't know about car rentals, I don't do it...are you not using Magical Express?

    You usually get two pieces of checked luggage, one personal item (ie purse) and one carry on per passenger, including your kids. Many airlines have started allowing only one piece be sure to check into that.

    Probably one big thing to note - check your boarding passes for a series of "SSSSSS". This means that the holder has been 'randomly selected' for security screening. They'll give you a patdown and swab your stuff. I tell you this so you don't freak out if one of you gets asked by a burly security guard to step aside into a secluded area while everyone else passes through security without issue ;)

    Have fun! =)

    PS. On what another poster said about fare decreases - punch your flight info into Yapta (google it), and they'll email you if you're eligible for credit.
  6. judykay53

    judykay53 DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2004
    Do you know what airline you will be flying? We always use Southwest and have never had them change our flight time or anything. Also if the fare goes down, then you can get a credit for the difference, if it is a non refundable are.

    As far as the electronic devices are concerned, they will tell you when they reach the altitude where you are permitted to turn on your devices.

    We travel with three kids and you do not have to have any ID for them.

    Go to the TSA website and check out the 3-1-1 section. You can put as many little 3 oz or less bottles as you can get in that quart bag and it is one per person. So, each child is allowed a bag.

    We also take snacks in our bag that we put under the seat in fromt of us.

    Even though we have flown several times, we still feel such a sigh of relief once we make it through security.

    Also, remember things in your pockets and belts. The first time my son in law flew, he did not think about his belt and it set the alarm off.

    Oh, I keep thinking of things. Even the kids have to take their shoes off. And if the child is able to walk, then they have to go through the alarm thing by themselves.

    Keep asking on this board. There is no better place to find out info.
  7. java

    java <font color=darkorchid>I am embracing the Turkey B

    Jan 18, 2005
    Thank you all so much!! I am learning very useful information. Keep it coming and now I will be visitor on this board beyond the sticky at the top for those folks driving! NOT US THIS YEAR!:cool1:
    (of course I doing my best to not think God is sending me signs in the fact that they arrested a guy at MCO today for trying to take on a pipe bomb and the Feds announced several airlines ignoring their regulations- except they didn't say WHICH 4!)

    Oh and we're flying Continental.
  8. KJ Luvs Pluto

    KJ Luvs Pluto DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2007
    As far as rental car companies go - both Alamo and National are on-site. I'm sure there are others, but since I'm an Emerald Club member and can just go out and pick out my car and drive through the check out gate and bypass the counter, I always rent with National. When we went to WDW they were right at the airport. Very fast and easy to use both getting the car and checking it back in.
  9. baileybelle

    baileybelle Dis Veteran

    Mar 19, 2004
  10. Coll0610

    Coll0610 DIS Veteran

    Sep 25, 1999
    When you empty your pockets, put the items in your carry on (not in the tray they give you). You may forget to grab your keys or change, but you probably won't forget your carry-on. I also stuff my purse inside of my carry-on. One less thing to forget and it's not sitting out on the conveyor belt waiting for you to get through security. (I always worry that someone will grab it and run).

    Send one adult through, then the kids and then the other adult.

    I don't know how old your kids are, but make sure they know not to talk about or joke about bombs, guns, etc. Also make sure they know now to pack any weapon-like toys in their carry-ons. DS went through a stage at about 5 years old where he pretended to be a superhero and liked to talk about the weapons he used. We made sure he knew NOT to do that in an airport or on the plane!
  11. bgirl29

    bgirl29 DIS Veteran

    May 28, 2006
    Dollar car rental is on site too. If I am remembering correctly there are 5 onsite companies.

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