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Jan 2, 2001
Recently there have a been a bunch of posts regarding one sided trades.
I have just spoken to the person we were all upset with and have recieved a huge letter of apology from her. She has had an extremely awful month and offers her sincere apologies to all of us. I too have had to apologize back to her for being quick to judge and less than understanding to her personal life. I think we sometimes need to remember they are only pins.
She has assured me that the trades are all mailed out and will be arriving anyday now. I hope that we can all give her a bit more time and some patience in light of all she has had happen this past month.

The saddest part is she now feels she is not welcome here any longer. Now I only speak for myself but the Dis is like therapy for me in the absence of WDW and I would miss it terribly. So I am hoping those of us who were involved can let it go and welcome her back.

Just my 2 cents, and I am hoping this does not open a can of worms...again!

Thanks for reading

Cindy, since most of us probably do not know which board member you refer to, we wouldn't know which person to not welcome here any more :). So many people come & go, take time off for whatever reasons, it wouldn't phase me in the least. I mean that in a positive way. So, WELCOME EVERYONE! or WELCOME BACK!
Everyone makes a mistake. We are all human and everyone, well except maybe Rh&^%$, is welcome. ;) :jester:
I think the key is we all have personal situations that arise and pins have to take a backseat.
But if there are trades and buying/selling involved, the people involved need to get feedback and be informed. Communication is the key.
I wasn't involved with whatever was or wasn't going on. But I have been in situations such as this. (We all have. That's why it hits home.) But I have always said, if you can't or didn't get something in the mail as agreed, just let the other person know. We are a very generous bunch of people.
And we are a tight knit sub-culture, not to mention a talk-a-tive bunch! ;):jester: And once a reputation has been cracked, it takes more hard work to repair.
I wish the best for all involved.
So I hope nobody gets upset if I post *AGAIN* that I never did receive my ornament from the ornament swap. :(

Haven't gotten my money order from our pin/button trade back in mid-December. I'm trying to understand and certainly don't want the person to leave the DIS. It is family to us all. I just want the person to satisfy his/her commitments made. People have been asking me for a name, but I haven't been giving the name out on the DIS, private messaging or e-mails. So, not to worry if you are reading this, though we are approaching 7 weeks, now.

Welcome Back!
Tina :)
Trying to be patient.
Well, I'm not trying to *bad mouth* anyone but I too am involved with a DISer (who used to post a lot) who has not sent her pin to me yet. This trade was first set up way back in Dec. I think I've been very patient and I do understand that things happen. All I ask is the person LMK what's going on. The only info I've gotten concerning this trade has come when *I* have emailed her. Yesterday my emails began being RETURNED TO ME AS *UNDELIVERABLE.* What am I supposed to think?
I don't understand why you didn't let me know that you had not rec'd your ornament? I am trying to contact your 'sender' now.....

I swear, I will not do this again next year-- it was a headache from the word go.

I'm kinda worried now. I know I'm one of those people who 'come and go' alot. Usually because I get so discouraged. I hope I havn't done anything wrong though. You just never know. There are so many things going on right now, so I know there are probably a couple of e-mails that I may have missed, and I'm sorry. I know how frustrating it can be when you are waiting on an e-mail, trade, etc. I just hope everything works out okay. :) :) :) This is a wonderful escape since I can't make it to Disney World near as often as I would like.


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