A followup to MJ's magical moment at Tarzan Rocks


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Mar 11, 2005
A magical Meet and Greet (followup to MJ's Tarzan Rock's experience)

So in a thread a few weeks ago (titled "talk about magical moments!") I told you all about MJ's first character interaction. It was with Terk during Tarzan Rocks.

Fast forward two weeks, we come to AK again and once again during Tarzan Rocks the CM's onstage recognize us and I cry through the whole thing. I asked to speak with the Stage Manager so I can tell him how special that moment was and what the show means to our family. I want him to tell the cast about MJ's story and who the crazy lady crying in the front row is so that they know how important and meaningful what they do each day is. He asks us when we will be there next, we tell him the 20th for Andrew's bday weekend. He gives us his name and tells us that he is going to arrange for MJ to meet Terk, Tarzan and Jane privately after the show...This started a whole new batch of tears, I didn't expect that, I just wanted the cast to know how much what they do means to us.....

Fast forward to Friday the 20th....we get to AK, go to guest services for Andrew's bday pin, tell them about the M&G, they call to confirm it and tell us that that Lucy (the stage manager that day) will meet us after the show.

We thought we were just going to get a quick hi, how do you do with the main stars, but it was much more....

They took us backstage, the whole cast was there (dancers, monkeys, singers) it was amazing! Terk gave MJ a stuffed Terk, I got to tell the whole cast her story and why the show means soooo much to us. It took me a while to get it out through all of the tears. We took pics which we will get developed soon. We got a big one of all of the cast and us. We are going to get it blown up and try to get it autographed and also get smaller copies made with MJ's story and send one to everyone in the picture and to Disney Headquarters.

On this trip we also determined that there is plainclothes security too! (More on that in my trip report)

It will take me a while to get all that happened this weekend up because I broke another tooth this weekend and had to have an emergency extraction yesterday (Monday the 23rd) so I have had two oral surgeries in less than a week....sigh....

I really wanted to get this up for everyone tho!


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