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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by jojohnhn, May 13, 2009.

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    Apr 12, 2009
    okay i have a few questions about dining:
    1:what counts as an entree at sanaa,is the bread service in included?
    2:does the ddp include soups and salads?
    3: if we use the ddp but pay oop for one meal and order appetizers are we still saving money?
    4: does the ddp include appetizers at ohana?I know it doesn't at other restaurants,but ohana is family style.
    5:how large are the portions at teppan edo,brown derby,sanaa,and boatwright?
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    As far as I know the dining plan only includes salad and soup if it is included in the meal, and not an al a carte item (I.e. the french menu at Chefs de france includes one or the other and is covered with the ddp)
    Ohana dinner on the dining plan includes bread, pot stickers, wings, noodles, veggies,all the meat and dessert.
    Teppan Edo was one of our favorites and we left feeling plenty full!
    We ordered appetizers or alcoholic beverages at a few of the restaurants and still came out WAY ahead on the dining plan. Just our table service meals alone cost just about what we paid for the dining plan, which means that most of our counter service and virtually all of our snacks were "free".
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    Don't know. Sanaa has been open for thirteen days and I haven't seen a report on the bread on DDP yet. My guess is that it would count as an appetizer and be included only in the deluxe dining plan. Even then, the bread service may be intended to serve more than one person and one person on the deluxe may not be able to order it as an appetizer.

    On the regular DDP, soups and salads usually count as appetizers and are not included. On the deluxe DDP they'd be included. Some a la carte restaurants (Le Cellier - although there has been one recent report that Le Cellier doesn't do this anymore - and Chefs de France) may allow regular dining plan users to order a fixed-price three course menu. If you do, you must stick to that menu, no substitutions allowed.

    That would depend entirely on the restaurant, and the cost of the items you want to buy and those you want to pay cash for.

    Fixed price, family style all you can eat restaurants like 'Ohana include the entire menu on the basic dining plan.

    Can't really answer the question about portions.

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