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  1. firsttimelongtime

    firsttimelongtime Earning My Ears

    Jul 24, 2001
    OK.....sure, I'm a party pooper for not meeting any of you on the cruise!!! Maybe you saw us.....our party of TWELVE all had on yellow tshirts when we were on the ship for day 1!!!!

    Highlights of cruise:
    -- Had a GREAT time overall
    -- 12m Regatta was a blast - just knew we were gonna tip that darned thing over!!! Go Stars and Stripes!!!
    -- Magician and Vantriloquist were great
    -- Waiters (Andrew and Oka) were great
    -- Housekeeper was great (Eolanda)
    -- Staff in the ship's stores were great (especially Kyle) - these folks provided lots of our entertainment!
    -- Pintrading?? My nephew got me into this.....he always seemed to get a better deal than I!!! I think he was the most active kid trader on board. (I got an extra Capt Mickey pin, though!!)
    -- The food was awesome...can't decide what to get? Get it all then!!
    -- Trunk Bay was really nice, along with cabbie "Puff Daddy"!!!
    -- Extra chocolates on pillows each night....you just had to ask for it!! Couldn't seem to find any chocolate anywhere else....NOT!!!

    Not so Highlights:
    -- Room service is free, but I've gotta pay for the darn soda that comes with it???
    -- Snorkelling at CC.....$25?????? What a ripoff! Same thing at Trunk bay was $5, and the snorkelling was better!!
    -- Would be nice to have a bulletin board or whiteboard in room to keep track of everything and leave notes for other family members!
    -- Had to change rooms 3 times at Radisson....finally settled in room with A/C at around MIDNIGHT!!!
    -- Left St Marteen at 4:30 instead of th usual 11pm.....was looking forward to our Palo's reservations overlooking the Island at night....that's why we made them for that night!!!

    Like I said, overall this was one of the best vacations we ever have taken.
  2. Tluvs2talk

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    Jan 11, 2001
    I am glad to hear you had such a great time. white post board in room is a great idea. We had walkie talkies wich worked great for us. I hope we don't have trouble at Raddison, we are booked there for June. Normally stay at Hampton but have read so many good things about Rad.

  3. AnnaS

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    Jul 7, 2001
    We had puff daddy too for our July 21 cruise. Glad you had a great time. We had two rooms and did regret not bringing two-way radios - we started leaving notes on the fish(?) outside of door.
  4. lynetteSC

    lynetteSC Have you ever been BACK-DOORED?

    Aug 19, 1999
    We used post it notes for notes on another cruise I took ... but last cruise on DCL, we had walkie talkies. Also, a fellow cruiser (peagreen) we met on the DIS was kind enough to make us a AWESOME map of the ship with everyone cabin numbers ... so, that also made life easier!!!!!

    teri~ we have stayed at the RAD twice and never had room problems ... hopefully, you won't either!!!!! :)

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