8/4 Magic--Day 3--Monday, at sea

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    May 5, 2000
    I was awake before everyone, as usual, and didn’t want room service to wake the others so I went up to deck 9 to get coffee. I really enjoyed the quiet mornings on the verandah :) I took a look in the fitness center, thinking I might use a treadmill today but they were all in use so I walked on deck 4 again, then soaked in the Jacuzzi in our suite. Ahhh…
    Alex and I went to the buffet at Topsiders, which was Asian-themed today, then she went to the Lab and I went to the Quiet Cove pool until the weather turned very dark and windy. I passed through Shutters and bought both of our formal photos. Met Alex in the room, and by this time the sun was back so she and I went to the Goofy pool. Michael and Andrew went to the 3:15 C’est Magique show, and Alex and I went at 6:30. I guess Mikey was playing basketball and/or “hanging out.” Ruth, our concierge, brought a lovely platter of chocolates. Each day, she delivered a different treat—sodas, fruit, cheese and crackers, arcade cards for the kids. She seemed to feel bad that we weren’t calling on her for anything, and always urged us to let her know if there was anything we needed.
    Dinner tonight was at Animator’s Palate, where we saw the changing color light show. I think this was Michael’s favorite meal—he had a salmon entrée and some other seafood appetizer, I believe. I had veal which I didn’t like at all :(
    Mikey was anxious to get on the Internet to check his fantasy baseball team, so we told him he could go ahead and get the unlimited access for $90 but he misunderstood and paid by the minute. I later went to the Internet Café and selected the unlimited access option. Originally I wasn’t going to do that, because I was afraid I’d be tempted to spend too much time there, but what the heck :)
    Alex went off to the Lab, and I went to see my customary late night movie—tonight it was Chocolat. I took Alex’s beach towel with me to use as a blanket—I’d noticed that many people in the Buena Vista theater used bath or pool towels to cover up with. I stopped on deck 9 first, where the teens were having a pool party, to see if I could spot Mikey to tell him we now had the unlimited Internet access. I didn’t find him, and I had to laugh out loud thinking how I must have looked standing there with my beach towel—an old lady trying to crash the teen party :) I really liked the movie, and when I returned to the room Alex was asleep and Mikey had just come in and the boys were watching TV. Michael had been hanging out in the ESPN bar, which was the only place indoors where he could smoke cigars.
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    Aug 17, 1999
    Thanks, Kim, you answered another one of my many questions. I wondered how much the internet access was. We are self employed and it would help to be in contact with the shop while we're away.

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