7AM is almost here and I am stressing out - Fast Pass Selection day

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Nick D DIS Veteran DVC-BCV
Jan 26, 2001
So at 7 am my 60 Day window opens for a 21 day stay / reservation.. Where do i begin? Do i book Flight of Passage late in my trip since i have a better chance of getting it? but then i tie up one of my 14 day maximum don't I?
Slinky Dog / Toy Story Mania / Na'vi River / Soarin' .... What do i prioritize?
I wouldn't stress over it too much. If you are there for 21 days, you will have plenty of time to do everything.
In general SDD and FoP are not difficult to get at 60 + 3 and later. Goig out further, you should be able to get the times that you want as well.
Hope things went smoothly this morning.
Its too late to help, but I would have priortized SDD, then FoP, then 7DMT.
Then you could fill in TSMM, Navi etc.
I'm sure you are aware of the tiers so you can only get a FP for a single Tier 1 ride on any given day early.
My window opened yesterday. FOP along with slinky and everything else was available every day, maybe not the times I wanted, but available. Things should work out for you.

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