5 most important items or advice?

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by cmaelltt1, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. cmaelltt1

    cmaelltt1 Mouseketeer

    Apr 21, 2005
    I'm very new to scrapping. I have taken one class and spent hours drooling in the scrapbook stores and online. I would love to hear from the more experienced members of this group. Either, your 5 most important things to buy for a beginner or 5 best pieces of advice (or both if you wish). Trying to save myself from going too crazy before I know what I'm doing. :confused3

  2. hemispheredancer

    hemispheredancer DVC/OKW 2000

    Sep 10, 1999
    1. A 12x12 trimmer.
    2. A set of GOOD pens.
    3. A good pair of fine point scissors.
    4. Get a "variety" pack of paper. You can get bolds, pastels, brights, etc. You can use them for backgrounds or for matting pics.
    5. A quality adhesive..I prefer the EK Success Vario tape and dispenser.
    6. A corner-rounder.

    After you acquire lots of supplies, tools, paper, etc. invest in a good storage bag. They look like suitcases with wheels and have nooks and crannies for everything!! Good luck and feel free to ask questions. There are lots of scrappers here that can help you out.

    One thing....scrapping can be very addicting!

    Use Joann's, Michael's, etc. coupons. That will save you lots of $$
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  4. cmaelltt1

    cmaelltt1 Mouseketeer

    Apr 21, 2005
    I'm replying to this to add that even though I looked several time, it was only after I posted that I found the Beginning Scrapbooking thread in the FAQ. Feel free to add something here if you'd like. I am enjoying reading this board for lots of help. I just don't want you to think I didn't try to look first. I know some people get a little upset by questions that are pretty much answered in the stickies.
  5. hezreck

    hezreck DIS Veteran

    Oct 14, 2004
    Here's the 5 things I could not scrap without:

    1. Corner rounder
    2. 12" paper cutter
    3. 12x12 cardstock in all colors
    4. mounting squares and a tape runner
    5. 4 1/2 by 6 1/2" photo mats
  6. piratesmate

    piratesmate <font color=red>Drah-gun! I don't do that tongue t

    Feb 22, 2001
    I'm limited to 5?!?!?!? :teeth: (Maybe you could increase this to 10? LOL)

    1. 12" paper trimmer
    2. CM Personal trimmer (I hate doing photos with the large one!)
    3. CM Tape Runner (I love this tape!!)
    4. clear ruler
    5. everything else! LOL

    I like the stacks/tablets of patterned paper/cardstock because they come with other paper that matches tone & hue, but I use plain CS as well.

    Little X - Xyron 150 for attaching small punch outs & die cut letters...but then that implies some way to punching all that stuff out. ;)

    And as the King of Siam said, Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera! :teeth:
  7. goofymom/pop

    goofymom/pop <font color=deeppink>oh where oh where can the tag

    Jan 2, 2001
    CM Personal Trimmer
    Good scissors
    Tape runner ( I vary, love the new "Stampin Up snail" and use the CM style but not a fan of it since they changed it.)
    12" CM cutting system with circles and ovals
    Paper lots of colors of Cardstock! A must!
  8. graygables

    graygables <font color=blue>Doesn't like to discuss the Y2K P

    Mar 4, 2004
    I'll limit my list to tools, since papers are a given and a personal choice.

    1. 12" trimmer (love the Zision)
    2. CM personal trimmer
    3. embroidery or paper cutting scissors (small pair for detail)
    4. tape runner (I've tried them all in my business, literally, and the best I've found is the EZ Runner by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, in the red case)
    5. corner rounder

    I might be tempted to knock off the personal trimmer and add the CM multipurpose tool (it *rocks*!) or the oval cutting system.

    Also, if using a lot of memorabilia, park tickets, etc, a can of Krylon Make It Acid-Free is a must.

    When buying papers/albums/protectors, buy the best you can afford and make sure that it is all acid/lignin/PVC (vinyl)-free. Protectors should be made of polyethylene. Never use wallpaper, construction paper, or anything else along those lines near your photos.
  9. LindaBabe

    LindaBabe DIS Veteran

    Oct 20, 1999
    1. 12 " paper trimmer
    2. Cutter bee sharp pointy scissors
    3. Adhesive selection- the vario, both permenant and repositionable, a glue stick, and a liquid fine line. I also use my xyrons.
    4. black, gold, silver, copper gel pens - cm, marvy and gelly roll are good ones.
    5. a big square punch
  10. mla973

    mla973 DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2004
    Congrats on beginning to scrap. It does seem overwhleming at first, but I find looking at other people's work is a great way to get inspiration. (I prefer www.twopeasinabucket.com but there are lots of others.)

    My top 5 list for a beginner (assuming you have an album and photos!):

    1. 12" paper trimmer
    2. Great scissors (I like cutterbee)
    3. High quality adhesive/Glue squares
    4. A few stacks of plain and patterned 12x12 paper (or whatever size your book is)
    5. CK Becky Higgin's Book of Sketches (1&2)

    I start almost every LO by finding a sketch from one of Becky Higgin's books or a CK magazine, and most of the time my pages morph into something else entirely, but it always gives me a starting point, so I don't feel so overwhelmed. I would also highly recommend a subscription to Creating Keepsakes. "Scraplifting" is not a crime! ;)

    As someone already mentioned, watch Michael's, JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby for the 40% coupons and sales. I never pay full price for albums or idea books.

    And my last "rule"... there are no rules! Make up your own techniques, build on those created by others, etc. And most of all, have fun!!! :Pinkbounc
  11. Spinning

    Spinning <font color=deeppink>Give me a chunk of something

    Apr 27, 2000
    I like to give advice better! LOL! All of the above items are great!
    But here is my advice!
    1. Don't purchase any stickers, embellishment or pattern paper until you have pictures for those items! Even is it is on sale! Resists! What happens, you end up with a ton of stuff due to impluse buying that you will never use!

    2. Find a scrapping group! It makes the hobby so much more fun!

    3. Remember a sale isn't really a sale unless you will actually use it!

    1. perfect layers cutting system from QVC! Would recommend it to everyone!

    2. CM personal trimmer

    3. CM or Hermifix Tab tape runner

    4. 12 inch cutter ( I have the Cutterped and love it)

    5. Solid card stock
  12. WDWMom

    WDWMom DIS Veteran

    Aug 25, 1999
    After reading what others have posted here is my take. I have been scrapping for 9 years and have seen scrapping grow. Since you are just starting and scrapping can be costly, start out small and buy later.

    1. a 12" trimmer. Forget the personal one. You really only need one size.

    2. a black acid free pen. Don't go wild on lots of colors. I have about 25 and only use my black, brown, navy blue and green still. Since black goes with everything it is a great start.

    3. Adhesive. make sure it is acid free. Ask a friend or person who works at your LSS what they prefer. This is a matter of preference.

    4. Basic colors of cardstock. I would not buy the multipacks as the come with colors you may never use. I made that mistake and will never do again unless it was FREE. Take you pics and see what colors you may use or start with the primaries - blue read and yellow. Add some green, black, brown and you should be good to go. If you have girls you may want to add some pink, lavender or girlie colors if you think they might go with your pics.

    5. The last if a good pair of little scissors with a pointy tip. Not sure if everyone needs them, but I cut many things and I couldn't live without them.

    Everything else you can live without, but of course, is so much fun to have. Good luck and welcome to scrapbooking.
  13. christinadei

    christinadei <font color=red>Tagless for eternity (well, until

    Mar 4, 2004
    when I first started scrapping, I had no idea that there were so many tools and embellishments out. i just bought packs of colored cardstock. The only things i used were:

    1. Colored cardstock (bought in packs, pastels, primary's, etc.)
    2. Stickers
    3. Themed kits (baby, holidays, etc) these had diecuts, page titles, etc.
    4. Scissors
    5. Glue sticks and photo mounts.

    That's it. and you know what? My pages back then were just as good as the ones now wtih eyelets, brads, jolee's, and all the expensive crap I have. Plus it hardly took up any room. Now I'm overtakign our guest room with crap! I will say that theone thing that made my life easier was a personal paper trimmer. I started with a cheap one for 8.5x11 and it was fine because I didn't do 12x12 scrapbooks then. Now I have and use a 12x12 paper trimmer.
  14. chessie

    chessie DIS Veteran

    Aug 25, 1999
    I came to the party late but can I still reply?

    I have been scrapping for a while but my most used tools are the same basic tools I started out with.

    12 inch paper cutter ( Friskers )
    good black journaling pen ( ZIG )
    good paper scissors (cutter bee )
    adhesive ( the little pull off tabs, I have every single one created by man but still use the pull offs )

    My one most valuable piece of advice is to buy tools and embellishments as you need them. When there is a card stock sale stock up on colors you like. When you see a piece of patterned paper that you just love buy 3 pieces. Here is my reasoning for 3. If you don't know right then what you might be using them for you must count for the fact that you might want to use them for a 2 page layout background. Well before that happens, what if you say geee, a little hunk of that paper would look great on this layout I am working on. If you cut it up you won't have that option for a background.
  15. Pagan Moon

    Pagan Moon Mouseketeer

    Sep 27, 2005
    Nice sharp scissors
    Sturdy Paper cutter, large sized
    Stickers !!!!!!! I LOVE my stickers
    The tape roller thing :goodvibes
    Lots of colored papers
  16. pattyT

    pattyT DIS Veteran

    May 29, 2002
    OK MUST haves for me -

    1. Paper Trimmer!!!
    2. Adhesive ( I like the duck brand or cm)
    3. GOOD pictures!
    4. cardstock
    5. albums
  17. mrp4352

    mrp4352 DIS Veteran

    Nov 10, 2002
    I couldn't have said it better myself. Go with what seems comfortable and right for you! Some people swear by hand-lettered books, others by computer-journalling. Just find what you like and remember, they're your books, so make sure YOU like them!
  18. MazdaUK

    MazdaUK <font color=green>Curse this time difference!<br><

    Sep 17, 2004
    I'm so glad to find this - I started one too which you might find useful (I'm having my first CM party on Thursday and wanted to know what to get - my first "wish list" came to £85, as we have to pay in £ at least what you pay in $ :earseek: )

    Where can you get this stuff? Is it available in the UK does anyone know?

    Also, I'm planning to visit Vancouver next summer - what should I leave off my CM list and buy in Vancouver? (Are there good craft shops there?)

  19. bcarson

    bcarson Mouseketeer<br><font color=9966ff>I will second Or

    Feb 4, 2004
    Oh this is a fun topic. The best piece of advice I have is to shop ebay! I have bought almost all of the cm cutting system piece mill and I think I did very good! But 5 things I can't live with out

    1. Cm cutting system
    2. my strap hinge album
    3. good 12x12 cutter
    4. either buy letters or a die cut machine to make titles
    5. a Gift certificate! Let her have fun picking some stuff herself.
  20. disneyfreakjackie

    disneyfreakjackie <font color="blue">The only thing better than a Di

    Nov 10, 2003
    Patty!!! I thought I was the ONLY ONE who used the "duck" adhesive!!! I LOVE that stuff!! (I hope we're talking about the same kind!! :blush: )


    12" trimmer
    PERFECT LAYERS (for matting - buy it from QVC!!)
    Pritt glue it roller/refills (duck!)
    My very own Scrap corner (that nobody else can touch!)
    PAPER, PAPER, PAPER! Patterned and bazzil CS (my new obsession!)


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