5 days!! WHAT Did I FORGET????


Pixie Dust or Bust!!
Aug 25, 2000

I have the email comformation for the TWA Airline tickets[prepaid].

I have the hotel reseavations and confirmations for HIFS and All Stars Music.[All Stars is prepaid]

I have Coupons for food.

I have the Disney Club card.

I have the Magicard.

I have a Hardrock Prefered Card.

I have an AAA card to get a Discount on Park Tickets to Universal,IOA,SeaWorld,and Quest.

I have Vouchers for WDW Annual Passes.[prepaid]

I have Dollar reservations for the rental car.

I have Tiffany Towncar [for oldest DD and G-DD]

I have PS's for our Character Breakfasts.

I have the Passporter and Rita Aero's Guides.

Have I got everything covered?? What have I left out?? Do I need the Entertainment Book for food coupons and Attraction ticket Discounts???

Don't pack them in luggage which could get lost. The last time we went to WDW we packed our tickets in our luggage. The luggage wasn't lost, but had it been, we would have really been out. Anything critical goes with us on the plane. After hearing about so many horror stories of lost luggage, we each take one bag on the plane which have enough clothes for a day or two. So if they lose our checked bags, it won't totally screw up our vacation.
I noticed you posted AP vouchers. Deb at WDWIG said DisneyQuest is incluced with the premium AP. I am looking forward to trying it this year. 18 days and counting!
If you are planning on using a credit card, take a second one off a different account and keep it somewhere safe. ?safe in room? If one of you has a purse or wallet stolen, you would have back-up.


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we also put our swimsuits and a change of clothes in our carry-on. Just in case the luggage is delayed.

When we pack our suitcases, we comingle everything. Meaning 1/3 of my stuff goes into DH's, 1/3 into DD's and the same for them. SO..if one suitcase is lost, no one looses everything! We've learned this lesson the hard way!


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