4/3 Questions, for those who remember

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  1. i_heart_the_mouse

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    Jun 30, 2009
    I took advantage of 4/3 for my first ever WDW trip last Feb and was immediately hooked. I had to cancel a FD trip for August so I am hoping to be able to use 4/3 again early next year. After spending WAAAAAY too many hours reading on this forum, I have become obsessed with planning every last detail and am hoping someone can help.

    1) Were there any room categories or resorts exempt from this deal? I have my heart set on AKL Club Level and wondered if this was possible last year?

    2) Was resort tax calculated at what was booked, or what was paid for. (ie: if I bought 7 and got 3 free would tax be on 7 nts or 4?) I know it's not a lot of money either way, but I can't help but wonder the answer anyway since I'm crazy :rotfl2:
  2. Cinderumbrella

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    Aug 9, 2005
    CL was eligible, but not all resorts opened up all rooms at all times, if that makes sense.

    If I remember, tax was based on your "real" total. They took the nightly rate for all 7 nights of your stay (rack rate, that is) and added it together. Then they divided it by 7 to get the "per night" cost. Then multiplied it by 4. That total was then taxed at the 12.5%

  3. lovesdumbo

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    Jun 24, 2003
    Last year I had a room booked at AKL CL for 1/27/09 to 2/3/09. I had it booked at AAA discount in August. When AP discounts came out in late Oct I couldn't get AP discount on the CL room. When I heard about 4/3 deal in early Nov I asked DD where she wanted to go and she said Poly. She had NO interest in AKL so I switch to Poly GV (no CL) with 4/3 deal.

    I also took DS in May (5/2 to 5/9). I was able to get AKL CL with 4/3 deal.:woohoo:

    Now I have AKL CL booked for 1/20/10 to 1/27/10 for other DD's birthday. I have NOT been able to get AAA on those dates.:headache: Can't decide what to do. Switch to WL CL or BWI CL or what I should do it switch to Pop. I took both her brother & sister for their 7th birthdays and stayed at Pop for both of those trips. I still have AKL CL booked at rack rate and figured I would just wait until any deals came out to make my final decision.

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