350 mypoints with Old Navy purchase

LI Debbie

DIS Veteran
Aug 19, 1999
If you do any shopping at Old Navy, mypoints has a good offer listed either on the homepage under "Today's Features" or under shopping in Department/Megastores. With any purchase, mypoints awards 350 mypoints ( one time offer).

I used the link at mypoints and ordered a $10 giftcard. Click on "Gifts" at the top of the page and it will bring you to the page to order the giftcard. Since there's no shipping and handling on the giftcard and since my boys like to shop at Old Navy, this was a no-brainer for me. The giftcard can be used either at the store or online. After I completed the order, I got the mypoints bluescreen pop-up that told me I got the 350 points. The points were awarded overnight.

I'm a happy camper. Hope this works for someone else.
Thank You! I was going to order something from their site but didn't because the shipping charges were too much. Never thought about a gift card! That' s perfect! :)
Thank you for pointing this out! How easy was that??????? We shop at Old Navy all the time, and I like that you can use it either in the store or online.
That put me to a cash-out level -- made my day!:bounce:
Just wanted to say thanks! Easy 350 points--I didn't know there wasn't shipping charges for gift cards. Just never thought about that. Thanks for the idea!:D :D
Thanks, Debbie!! I got the blue screen at the end as well saying I earned 350 points!! Too happy!! Great deal!
WOO HOO! I also just ordered a gift card, and got the blue screen saying I got my points! :bounce:

Thanks Debbie!!
My son likes Old Navy and he has a birthday coming up and is graduating from high school in June. Plus, what he wants most as gifts right now is CLOTHES! He says that's so he'll have enough to hold off on laundry until he can get home for a visit :rolleyes:

BOYS!! :rolleyes: :D :rolleyes:
Just ordered my Gift Card..Thanks LI Debbie...Great Valentine's Day gift for my DD, she can spend it on clothes for our April trip to WDW!!! Thanks agian! Cape Cod Debbi
What a great idea! I'm going to check the whole merchant list to see if there are any other places a gift card might come in handy.
Thanks! I'm glad someone out there is figuring all this stuff out....takes me a little while! <VBG>
Great idea! I saw this but never thought of the gift card!
Thanks!!!:D This was so easy, and yes, I did get a pop up that said I just earned 350 points! Has anyone received their giftcard yet? I was just wondering how long it might take to get here. Hoping it arrives in time for Valentine's Day!:D

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
I haven't received mine yet, but I did get an email on Saturday saying they had shipped it! :)
I ordered the giftcard on 1/30 and received it today in the mail.

5 day turnaround isn't too shabby.
I ordered my gc on Friday and it arrived today! Talk about fast service!! :bounce:


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