3 Almost dreams, 1 Tinkerbell pin

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    Oct 3, 2006
    Hi all!
    Just got back from a wonderful week (11/27 to 12/4) at WDW, staying at POR. We saw 3 dreams being granted...
    1. On Jungle Cruise, the people getting on a boat about 3 boats ahead of us while we were in line all received Dream Ears.
    2. On Test Track, we came out of the room where you watch the movie, and the people in the room next to ours came out wearing Dream Fastpasses.
    3. On Expedition Everest, our train came to a stop, and there were about 8 members of the Dream Team (with white vests) standing there, one with some sort of counter in their hand. We got off the train and exited - we stood around outside for a minute or two, to see what people won, but no one came out with anything special that we could see, and we wanted to get back to playing...

    We also saw people with prizes walking around. I asked some people where they had won - once was at Test Track (different day), once was at Haunted mansion, once was Great Movie Ride.

    On Saturday at MK, DH and I were walking through Liberty Square, and a CM started talking to us about my husband's shirt (he had on a Clemson shirt, and she recognized it). She ended up giving us the pair of Tinkerbell pins, which I just love. I had fun the rest of the day, trying to find someone doing something nice to give it to. Well, that night, at Illuminations, we were looking for a spot to stand, and a couple sitting on and saving a bench right by the fence started talking to us. It turned out we were both there celebrating 15th anniversaries. They offered to share their bench with us, and we talked and visited for about 45 minutes till the show started. Anyway, I ended up giving my pin to her, for sharing the spot with us, and she was so touched. It was really fun!

    To be honest, it was hard to be SO CLOSE to winning the "dreams" without being a little disappointed :blush: , but I reminded myself that really, the lines weren't generally long enough to really need FastPasses, and that I have a great marriage and 4 healthy, wonderful kids, and I was on an Anniversary trip to WDW - most people I know don't even get to go. What else could I wish for?
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    Very well said!!

    Sounds like a magical trip just the way it was!!

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