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    In 2014, Disboard poster Geemo started a thread that listed the major conventions, events, and school breaks at or near DLR. Dis'ers seemed to find the thread helpful, so a 2015 version, a 2016 version, a 2017 version, and a 2018 version were created. This is a continuation of those threads, but for 2019!

    This is NOT an official Calendar, for reference only. This is also not an all inclusive list, but I will do my best to keep it up to date. Please let me know if you hear of anything to add to the list.

    Post #1: Events, Activities, and Holidays At/Around/Near Disneyland Resort
    Post #2: School Breaks/Recesses
    Post #3: Other Dates
    Post #4: Parking Updates

    Last updated: September 6, 2018

    Events, Activities, and Holidays At/Around/Near Disneyland Resort

    January 2019 (Check-In)
    Jan 1 (Tue): Rose Parade and Rose Bowl
    Jan 5 (Sat): Last Day of Signature AP & Deluxe AP Holiday Blockout Period
    Jan 6 (Sun): Three Kings' Day Celebration in DCA [Exact Days TBD]
    Jan 6 (Sun): Last Day of Christmas/Holiday Season (likely including A Christmas Fantasy Parade, Believe...In Holiday Magic Fireworks, WoC: Season of Light, Festival of Holidays, Viva Navidad, and Haunted Mansion Holiday [reopen: TBD])
    Jan 6 (Sun): Last Day of SoCal AP & SoCal Select AP Holiday Blockout Period
    Jan 6 (Sun): Last Day of Christmas/Holiday Season
    Jan 21 (Mon): Martin Luther King Junior Day
    Jan 24-27, 2019 (Thu-Sun): NAMM Show (Anaheim Convention Center)
    *Last Day for It's a Small World Holiday
    *Start of Lunar New Year Celebration in DCA

    February 2019 (Check-In)
    Feb 3 (Sun): Superbowl
    Feb 5 (Tue): Lunar New Year
    Feb 8 (Fri): DCA's 17th Anniversary
    Feb 14 (Thu): Valentine's Day
    Feb 18 (Mon): Presidents Day
    Feb 22-24 (Fri-Sat): Spirit Nationals (Anaheim Convention Center)
    *Micechat Gumball Rally
    *Celebrate Gospel in DCA

    March 2019 (Check-In)
    Mar 2 (Sat): Mini Gay Days
    Mar 5 (Tue): Mardi Gras
    Mar 5-9, 2019 (Tue-Sat): Natural Product Expo West 2019 (Anaheim Convention Center)
    Mar 16-17 (Sat-Sun): USA All-Stars Championship (Anaheim Convention Center)
    Mar 17 (Sun): St. Patrick's Day
    Mar 29-31, 2019 (Fri-Sun): WonderCon 2019 (Anaheim Convention Center)
    *DCA Food & Wine Festival
    *Mini-Gay Days
    *Orange County Restaurant Week

    April 2019 (Check-In)
    Apr 12 (Fri): Start of SoCal Select AP Spring Blockout [through 4/21]
    Apr 13 (Sat): Start of SoCal AP Spring Blockout [through 4/21]
    Apr 13-14 (Sat-Sun): Spring Dapper Day
    Apr 21 (Sun): Easter
    Apr 21 (Sun): Last Day of SoCal Select and SoCal AP Spring Blockout

    May 2019 (Check-In)
    May 5 (Sun): Cinco De Mayo
    May 12 (Sun): Mother's Day
    May 27 (Mon): Memorial Day
    May 31 (Fri): Start of SoCal Select AP Summer Blockout in DL
    Grad Nites: May 10, 11, 17, 18, 21, 22, 28, 29, & 31
    *Taste of Anaheim (Not a Disney Event, but Some DTD Restaurants Participate)

    June 2019 (Check-In)
    Jun 1 (Sat): Start of SoCal AP Summer Blockout in DL
    Jun 6 (Thu): Start of SoCal Select AP Summer Blockout in DCA
    Jun 16 (Sun): Father's Day
    Jun 21 (Thu): Start of Deluxe AP Summer Blockout in DL
    Jun 28 (Fri): Start of SoCal AP Summer Blockout in DCA
    Grad Nites: Jun 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, & 14
    *VidCon (Anaheim Convention Center)

    July 2019
    Jul 4 (Thu): Fourth of July
    Jul 17 (Wed): Disneyland's 63rd Anniversary

    August 2019 (Check-In)
    Aug 18 (Sun): Last Day of Deluxe AP Summer Blockout in DL
    Aug 18 (Sun): Last Day of SoCal AP Summer Blockout in DCA
    Aug 23-25, 2019 (Fri-Sun): D23 Expo (Anaheim Convention Center) (Disboard Thread)
    Aug 25 (Sun): Last Day of SoCal AP Summer Blockout in DL
    *Last Day of SoCal and SoCal Select AP Summer Blockout
    *CHOC Walk in the Park

    September 2019 (Check-In)
    Sep 2 (Mon): Labor Day
    *Start of HalloweenTime (2018 Disboard Thread)
    *Start of Día de los Muertos (DL and DCA)

    October 2019 (Check-In)
    Oct 4-6 (Fri-Sun): Gay Days
    Oct 14 (Mon): Columbus Day
    Oct 31 (Thu): Halloween, End of HalloweenTime
    *Gay Days
    *Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Haunted Gingerbread House Workshops
    *UEA Convention (Many/Most Utah schools out of session)

    November 2019 (Check-In)
    Nov 2-3 (Sat-Sun): Fall Dapper Days
    Nov 11 (Mon): Veterans' Day
    Nov 28-29 (Thu-Fri): Thanksgiving
    *BlizzCon (Anaheim Convention Center)
    *Dapper Day Fall Soiree
    *Start of Christmas/Holiday Season (2018 Disboard Thread)
    *Holiday Parade Filming

    December 2019 (Check-In)
    Dec 22-30 (Sun-Mon): Hanukkah
    Dec 25 (Wed): Christmas
    Dec 26-Jan 1 (Wed-Tue): Kwanzaa
    Dec 31 (Mon): New Year's Eve
    *First Day of SoCal Select AP Holiday Blockout
    *First Day of SoCal AP Holiday Blockout
    *First Day of Deluxe AP Holiday Blockout
    *First Day of Signature AP Holiday Blockout
    *Candlelight Processional (usually first weekend in December)
    *Raver Days
    *Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Holiday Gingerbread House Workshops


    The AP Blockout Calendar underwent major changes in 2019, with separate blockout dates for DL and DCA. In general, there are fewer blockout dates for DCA regardless of the pass and more for DL. Major blockout periods (Spring Break, Summer, and Christmas) are in the list above, but now denote if they are for DL or DCA (or both if nothing is specified). Check out the Blockout Calendar for the latest information:

    This list does not include all of the conventions/events scheduled at the Anaheim Convention Center. It is only a partial listing. A full listing is available on the Anaheim Convention Center Calendar.
    In terms of the conventions, for the most part, it doesn't seem like the conventions necessarily increase crowds in the parks. Large conventions are more likely to impacts availability at area hotels/motels and crowds in DTD (primarily in the evenings). There maybe some impacts of the days immediately before or after the conventions, but only a few conventions seem to actually result in Dis'ers reporting higher than expected crowds in the parks themselves. So, while large (or at least ones that look large on the calendar) conventions are listed in the calendar above, it does not mean that the parks will be busier than expected.

    The Honda Center may also host events that could impact crowds at Disneyland.

    Tom Bell maintains a list of Disneyland Events on wdwinfo.

    There are a number of unofficial park days that happen throughout the year. Some are fairly large and can impact park crowds (e.g., Gay Days), while others (most) are fairly small and most guests won't notice that they are occurring.

    *Starred events have historically began/occurred in that month, but the dates for 2019 have not yet been announced.
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    School Breaks
    Below are a listing of some of the school breaks for select school districts. Some school districts have more than one schedule; when this occurred, I generally used the dates for the "Traditional" track (rather than "Year Around", "Modified", etc.). Also, note that school districts typically list days when school is not in session, which means the listed breaks may not include the weekend day.

    (It's gotten to be a lot of work to try and keep up with so many different school districts. While I think there is some benefit to tracking individual districts, for 2019, I'm just going to do a handful of the big Southern California districts and few other districts and then more generalized information for the rest. If you really want your local district included, please send me a link to their calendar.)

    January 2019
    • Jan 6: Last Day for Winter Break for Most School Districts
    • Jan 21: MLK (Most School Districts)
    February 2019
    • Feb 11: Lincoln Day/Family Day
    • Feb 18: President's Day (Most School Districts)
    • Feb 18-22: Mid-Winter Break for Seattle (WA)
    March 2019
    The majority of the reported spring breaks occur between mid-March and mid-April.
    • Mar 11-15: Spring Break for Anaheim, Mesa (AZ), Phoenix (AZ), Anchorage (AK)
    • Mar 11-22: Spring Break for Chandler (AZ)
    • Mar 18-22: Spring Break for Tuscon (AZ)
    • Mar 18-29: Spring Break for Surrey (BC), Coquitlam (BC), Vancouver (BC), Greater Victoria (BC), Saanich (BC)
    • Mar 22-26: Spring Break for Granite (UT)
    • Mar 25-29: Spring Break for San Diego, San Francisco, Washoe (NV), Portland (OR), Salem-Keizer (OR), Beaverton (OR), Spokane (WA)
    • Mar 31: Cesar Chavez (Observed Apr 1)
    April 2019
    • Apr 1: Cesar E. Chavez, Observed
    • Apr 1-5: Spring Break for Santa Ana (CA), Alpine (UT), Vancouver (BC)
    • Apr 3-5: Spring Break for Tacoma (WA)
    • Apr 8-12: Spring Break for Seattle (WA)
    • Apr 15-19: Spring Break for LAUSD, Fresno, Elk Grove, Sacramento, Clark County (NV)
    • Apr 22-26: Spring Break for Long Beach
    • Apr 21 (Sun): Easter
    May 2019
    • May 20: Victoria Day (Some/Most British Columbia School Districts)
    • May 23: Last Day of School for Mesa (AZ)
    • May 27: Memorial Day (Most School Districts)
    • May 30: Last Day of School for Alpine (UT)
    June 2019
    The majority of the reported end of the school year start in early-to-mid June.
    • Jun 4: Last Day of School for San Francisco
    • Jun 7: Last Day of School for LAUSD
    • Jun 12: Last Day of School for San Diego
    • Jun 13: Last Day of School for Spokane (WA)
    • Jun 18: Last Day of School for Tacoma (WA), Vancouver (BC)
    • Jun 20: Last Day of School for Seattle (WA)
    • Jun 27: Last Day of School for Coquitlam (BC)
    July 2019
    • July 4: Fourth of July (Most School Districts That Are on Year Around Schedules)
    August 2019
    • Aug 12: First Day of School for Clark County (NV)
    • Aug 20: First Day of School for LAUSD
    September 2019
    • Sep 2: Labor Day (Most School Districts)
    October 2019
    • Oct 7-11: Fall Break for Mesa (AZ)
    • Oct 17-18: Fall Break for Granite (UT)
    • Oct 17-21: Fall Break for Alpine (UT)
    • Oct 25: Nevada Day
    November 2019
    • Nov 11: Veterans Day (Observed) (Most School Districts)
    • Nov 28-29: Thanksgiving Break (Most School Districts)
    December 2019
    The majority of winter breaks start the weekend before Christmas (December 21) and go through the first weekend in January (ending on January 5 or 12, 2019).
    • Dec 25: Christmas (Most School Districts)
    School District Calendars by District and State
    Please note that not all school districts publish their calendars beyond the current school year.

    British Columbia
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    Holiday Overlay Removal Closures, 2019
    mm/dd-mm/dd (): Haunted Mansion Holiday Closed for Removal of Holiday Overlay
    mm/dd-mm/dd (): It's a Small World Closed for Removal of Holiday Overlay

    Holiday Overlay Installation Closures, 2019
    mm/dd (): Space Mountain Closed to Install Ghost Galaxy Overlay
    mm/dd-mm/dd (): Haunted Mansion Closed to Install Holiday Overlay
    mm/dd-mm/dd (): It's a Small World Closed to Install Holiday Overlay

    Mickey's Halloween Party, 2019
    Party dates were announced on ddd, mmm dd via the <source>. Tickets go on sale to DLR Annual Passholders, DVC, and Disney Rewards Visa Card Holders (phone only) on <date> and to the general public on <date>. The dates when the MHP tickets sold out in past were tracked in these posts for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

    Pricing is listed as (Discount/Regular) Price.
    <date> (day) (price)

    Note that costume guidelines changed for 2016. The new guidelines can be viewed on the MHP page of the Disneyland.com website.

    Disclaimer: Even if the date is listed as sold out online, it is possible that tickets may still be available via the phone or in person at the ticket booths (this occurred in the past, but it is not known if it'll happen again in 2018). A limited number of tickets may also be available for "day of" purchase for onsite hotel guests, but it is not known if that will be the case again this year. It also looks like they stop selling tickets to MHP online on the day of the event. So if you want to purchase tickets online, be sure to buy them at least one day in advance.

    Sneak Peaks at DCA (Bug's Life Theater) and DL (Tomorrowland Theater), 2019
    DLR uses the Tomorrowland Theater (DL) and Bug's Life Theater (DCA-BLT) or Sunset Showcase Theater (DCA-SST) to preview upcoming movies.
    mmm d () - mmm d (): <title> (theater) [Movie Opening: mmm d] (AP Preview: mmm d)

    Disney Cruise Line Sailings Out of San Diego
    The Disney Cruise Line has offerings that sail out of San Diego. Some of these cruises may include (optional) excursions to Disneyland before or after the cruise. The date listed is the date of departure (when it leaves San Diego). All cruises return to San Diego unless noted.
    3/10 (5-Night Cruise)
    3/15 (5-Night Cruise)
    3/20 (4-Night Cruise)
    3/24 (5-Night Cruise)
    3/29 (5-Night Cruise)
    4/3 (4-Night Cruise)
    4/7 (5-Night Cruise)
    4/12 (2-Night Cruise)
    4/14 (5-Night Cruise)
    4/19 (2-Night Cruise)
    4/21 (7-Night Cruise)
    4/28 (7-Night Cruise)
    5/5 (7-Night Cruise)
    5/12 (3-Night Cruise)
    10/4 (5-Night Cruise)
    10/9 (5-Night Cruise)
    10/14 (4-Night Cruise)
    10/18 (2-Night Cruise)
    10/20 (7-Night Cruise)
    10/27 (7-Night Cruise)
    11/3 (5-Night Cruise)
    11/8 (14-Night Cruise) - Ends in Galveston, TX
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    M&F Parking Structure and Toy Story Parking Lot Closures
    It's interesting to see when the parking facilities reached capacity. The Disneyland and Disneyland AP Twitter feeds often tweet out when the facilities close and re-open. It'll be interesting to see what happens in 2019 with the opening of Star Wars Land!
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    Gay Days have announced 2019 dates.

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    Thanks! Added both to the calendar.

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