2003 Cruise Points


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Aug 11, 2001

Just wondering if anyone knows of when the 2003 Points will be out. Trying to plan a cruise in early 2003 and need to know how many points I will need.http://
Need same information. My wife and I sat down yesterday to plan March 2003, and we were looking at the cruise......but no points charts are available on the member site.
Last year they did not have the points chart for the cruises until several months into the year (late April/early May as I recall). We are also waiting on the chart as it affects a little bit what I do with the remaining points from the current use year.
MS said after trying over an hour to get through that since I was looking at March or April for a cruise date that they still have three months to produce a chart. The CM said that I should use the 2002 chart as an estimate! That doesn't work for me but what else can you do?

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