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Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by tchrrx, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. tchrrx

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    Dec 6, 2005
    How much cash do you normally take? We are staying on-site & are on the dining plan. I'm thinking about 250, what do you think? I figure we'll mainly use our credit card for souveniers & stuff.

    Also, we are planning on taking our video camera, but don't want to haul it around all day every day. (It is small, but it's still just one more thing to carry :rotfl2: ) Anyways...which places do you think we'd be most likely to want the video camera? (The regular camera will be with us all the time! Actually in our group of 5 people, we'll have 3 regular cameras.)

    Here's a few of the places that we'll be visiting.... (I don't figure we'd want it at any of our other ADRs, these are just the more 'fun' ones.)

    MK, Epcot, AK, MGM, Cindy's Royal Table, Chef Mickey's, Hoop-De-Doo
  2. Mickey&Donald

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    May 28, 2006
    $250 sounds like more than enough, since you won't need money for food, and you're going to use your credit card for souvies.

    If I were you, I'd bring the video camera along at night, so you can catch fireworks shows. I recorded Wishes on my digital camera last year and it turned out soooo well! I love rewatching it at home.. really puts me in the mood to get to Disney!
  3. MMPC123

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    Jun 4, 2005
    Sorry I can't help with the $$ question. Last year I used my room card to buy anything I needed. (I don't used cash much at home either-- I'm a debit card kind of gal)
    A travel book I read (before finding these boards) once, suggested taking your video camera on your last few days in the parks. The thought was that by that time you would "know" what your favorites were and film them. I think it was written before the age of the tiny video camera.
    We did follow that book's advice-- way back when- and I wish we had taken more video of our then 4 yr old girl. we don't watch the old videos often but when we do, we love it! :happytv:

    I'm making a mental note now to take charge of the video camera and capture plenty of my 2 girls on our next trip, now age 9 and 2 :love:
  4. razamataz

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    Apr 23, 2006
    We will be going in Sept on the dining plan. So, I am budgeting 50.00/day per adult for 5 days. This will be for souveniors (sp?), if I want a snack not covered on the dining plan, etc....

    In the past when not on the dining plan, I have budgeted 100/day per adult for food and spending. Plus, I budget an additional 50.00 per adult in case we want to go to a really nice restaraunt one night.

    As far as the video camera goes, I think that I would want it in MK for sure. Other than that, I am not sure that I would bring it with me into all of the parks.
  5. lilybeth11602

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    May 22, 2006
    We were on the DDP last year (DH DD3 and me) and we took $300 cash and came home with about $100. With your food and everything paid for you dont really need money for much.Of course we have to come home with one stuffed animal!:)

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