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    Jan 23, 2008
    I am thinking about taking my 6 year old from August 1-4. I have read all the posts about how miserable the heat is in August. We are from the coast of MS and also have the high humidity. Is it really that bad in Orlando? Is it worth the cost of Disney World at this time of year, and are we going to find ourselves trying to duck into A/C all day? I don't mind taking a mid-day break, but I don't want to waste my money if we are going to be miserable the whole day. Anyone been at the first part of August that can give me some encouragement that we will be fine - really wanting to take him before school starts. Thanks for all comments.
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    Jul 21, 2004
    Hey! We are going the first week of August too! There have been any number of threads by travelers worried about the heat of August. I feel that if you aren't worried about the frizziness of your hair, if you don't mind being sweaty, and if you don't mind going to parks when they open, you will be fine! I mean, dog!, we Lower South people are used to that stuff already!

    1. Take an afternoon break and head back for a swim.
    2. Bring a mister fan from Walmart for each memeber of your party.
    3. Drink water before you head out and the whole day, interspersed with Cokes to pep you up.
    4. Bring double the amount of clothing you bring to change into after your afternoon break.
    5. Consult a traveler's guide to plan your days.
    6. Start taking daily walks and strolls to acclimate yourself to the hummidity you are already dealing with!
    7. Bring plenty of sunscreen! The sidewalks really reflect lots of light on the backs of legs...and remember the shins of whoever is in the stroller!

    Where are you planning on staying?
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    Aug 14, 2002
    If you're just looking for opinions, mine is that we won't do August again.

    Our first trip was the first part of January (kids were in year-round school at the time) and it was 80 degrees every day except the last one. We only needed light jackets then. (I understand that it's not always this way - guess we lucked out!)

    Our second trip in August felt like 110 degrees every day and I was very uncomfortable. That being said, it is still do-able. We each had our own mini fan and tried to do the majority of our park time in the mornings and evenings. We would start the day at rope-drop and stay until it got really hot and then head back to the resort and do things there until early evening and then head back. Make sure you stay hydrated. Use fastpass whenever possible so you're not roasting standing in a waiting line. The heat is a really good excuse to get a Dole Whip! :yay: And we actually got to enjoy the pool at the resort more this time!

    Even as hot as it was, we still had a terrific time!! :dance3:

    Enjoy your trip but remember the sunscreen!! :sunny:
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    Nov 5, 2007
    We were there last year August 3-10 with my 4 year old. We had alot of fun but no, I wouldn't do it that time of year again. I am planning on going back in early March next year. However, we did have a lot of fun so if that is the only time you can go then definitely do it.

    We were there every morning waiting before the parks opened and left after we had lunch. Since the worst of the heat is the afternoon this definitely helped. We then returned in the evenings about 5 or 6 and generally left again at 8:00. The thing to remember is that if you are going to beat the heat you need to be there at park opening, which means you probably can't keep a 6 year old up late or he'll get exausted.

    The amount of hours you are in the park will be reduced if you are going to leave after lunch but you can still get the same amount of rides done as other people who take all day by arriving early and having a plan. I highly recommend tour guide mike, unofficial guide or ridemax. I've used all of them and they are all good. You can get so many things done in the morning with the touring plans from those sources it doesn't feel bad at all to leave and go take a rest in the afternoon!:yay:
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    Have you been to WDW before? If not, 4 days in the summer with a 6 year old is going to be exhausting if you try to do everything.

    The way I think about summer in Florida is to think of those really hot, humid days where you don't want to do much outside. That is what Orlando is like in the summer. Best advice- get there early! Leave when your little one shows signs of tiring. Go back in the evening after a nap or pool time.

    I have done 14 trips to Orlando. Ten have been summer trips so it can be done. Although I prefer spring, fall, and summer, my work schedule and dd school prevents thos trips.

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