11/7 - 11/11 Dining (part 2)

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    The next night was dinner at Chef Mickey's. It's standard buffet fare and is more about the atmoshpere than the food. They did have some Hawaiian style pork ribs that were very good Desserts continue to be a let down. Will Disney ever do a good Key Lime Pie?

    On the following night, we had a last minute dinner at Jiko. This place will always be one of our favorites. We had a new server, who wasn't familiar with the menu or the wine list, but she did let us try a few wines to find the right one. We started with the Kalamata Olive Flatbread, which was outstanding as always. I had the quail entree, which was tasty, but very hard to eat without being able to use fingers. The Pomegranate-Shiraz reduction it came with was an intriguing balance of sweet and sour. DW had the Buttermilk Curry Shrimp, which she found good, but not up to Jiko's standards. DD had the macaroni and cheese. They need to replace the recipe in their boxed Mickey Roni and Cheese with this. It's creamy and wonderful.

    DD had the Tanzanian Chocolate Purses for dessert. They were very good, but different from the original cardamom ones. I had the Apple Gallette with Cinnamon Ice Cream, which was good, but not especially memorable. The ice cream was the best part. We shared the Kenya AA presspot, which is far and away the best method for brewing coffee. It comes out strong and rich. If you think Maxwell House or Folger's is as good as it gets, this is not for you. Europeans (who drink far richer, better coffee than we American's do) would even like the presspot.

    To be continued...

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