1. E


    I just wanted to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Emily. I've grown up being obsessed with Disney and I love following news and rumors. I Just became an attraction host at WDW do my whole life revolves around Disney!:)
  2. K

    Castaway Cay Development

    Has anyone notices on the latest historical imagery dated 9/05/2019 on Google Earth of Castaway Cay, the rectangular clearing near the interior end of the old runway? I'm assuming that due to its size and location it's Castmember facilities and most likely solar panel field.
  3. ZabetGin

    Newbie pains

    Is there a "this is how you use DIS boards" post/ thread? I've been using the internet for 15 odd years, but never really used message boards. Y'all just post so much great Disney info (and you can rent DVC points... WHAT!!!) that I have to figure this out. Thanks!
  4. cookieswithangel

    First Time Potential Cruiser Questions

    Hi all! I've been a regular at WDW, but now that I work a pretty stressful job, I'm contemplating setting sail on a cruise and mixing things up, and seeing if cruising will be more relaxing to me. I have a few questions as I watch vlogs and read reviews about DCL, and cruising in general...
  5. C

    New Land to Animal Kingdom?

    Hello All, This rumor has absolutely no merit (no current rumor) but with the closure of Rafiki's Planet Watch, will we see a new land in Animal Kingdom. If so what do you think it would be? Personally, I think it it is about time Disney makes good on the promise of beastly kingdom.
  6. S

    Guardians of the Galaxy replaces Star Tours?

    I know there's a rumor that a Guardians of the Galaxy ride is going to replace Ellen's Energy Adventure, but it would make a lot of sense to just replace Star Tours. For one they're already building Star Wars Land in Hollywood studios, so they basically have to replace the ride. And it would...
  7. Panama Canal

    Panama Canal

    Pacific New Canal 2
  8. Panama Canal

    Panama Canal

    Pacific New Canal 1
  9. New-Orleans-Square-040


    New Orleans Square
  10. New-Orleans-Square-039


    New Orleans Square
  11. New-Orleans-Square-038


    New Orleans Square
  12. New-Orleans-Square-037


    New Orleans Square
  13. New-Orleans-Square-036


    New Orleans Square
  14. New-Orleans-Square-035


    New Orleans Square
  15. New-Orleans-Square-034


    New Orleans Square
  16. New-Orleans-Square-033


    New Orleans Square
  17. New-Orleans-Square-032


    New Orleans Square
  18. New-Orleans-Square-031


    New Orleans Square
  19. New-Orleans-Square-030


    New Orleans Square
  20. New-Orleans-Square-029


    New Orleans Square


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