1. M

    Disney Fantasy 2021

    Hi! We are taking our 3rd cruise August 2021. This will be on board Fantasy. Anybody else? We have only cruised on Dream before.
  2. O

    Cross Post-DCL Wedding- What would you do?

    (I posted this on the weddings/honeymoon thread, but realized this board gets far more traffic, so hopefully more people with an opinion will see it here!) So my future hubby and I (mostly me, hes very laid back and would be happy to just go to the courthouse) are trying to figure out a small...
  3. O

    Disney Cruise Wedding-What Would You do?

    So my future hubby and I (mostly me, hes very laid back and would be happy to just go to the courthouse) are trying to figure out a small destination wedding (it was going to be an elopement, but then certain people invited themselves-so back to the drawing board we went.) In an effort to make...
  4. gumby5657

    Disney Fantasy Roll Call November 2, 2020

    I didn't see a thread for the Disney Fantasy Bahamas cruise November 2nd-6th, 2020 so I thought I'd start one! This is our first Disney Cruise and we can't wait! We have two boys who will be 3 years old and 9 years old and we are from the Chicago area.
  5. turbojsf

    Disney Fantasy - Eastern Caribbean - 13 July Another Great Adventure!

    Just returned from 13 July Eastern Caribbean on Fantasy. We were a family of 4 (55,53,20,17) in cabin 10636. I tried to include a lot of info in this report and maybe some things you won't easily find in this forum. My wife (school teacher) painstakingly “red penned” it before letting me...
  6. C

    Can you help with pressed pennies?

    The last two times we were in Port Canaveral the pressed penny machine with the Fantasy and Dream was out of order. Would anyone be willing to get me 2 of both of those (so 4 total)? I will obviously be more than happy to send money to cover the cost of the pennies and shipping. We have 2 more...
  7. D

    December 14th, 2019 7-Night Very Merrytime Eastern Caribbean Disney Fantasy from Port Canaveral, FL

    Starting the thread for the Dec 14, 2019 Fantasy Very Merrytime Eastern Caribbean Cruise.
  8. H

    Not wanting to do turtle talk

    I'm going to be cruising on the Fantasy, 8-nights. I assume that one of the nights will be a turtle-talk with Crush night at animator's palate. I absolutely do not want to participate in this and even thinking about it makes me annoyed. I have no problem with turtle-talk and actually think it's...
  9. L

    Best Port Excursions for Cozumel/Grand Cayman/Falmouth

    Hello everyone! Long time looker, first time poster! So my family (Husband and Daughter, age 7) and I will be taking our 3rd Disney Cruise Sept 14th-21st aboard the Disney Fantasy (our 2nd time on the Fantasy). Our ports of call are Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Falmouth (and Castaway Cay). We have...
  10. m3gg3m

    My BIG Family PTR for Fantasy SWDAS on 1/19/19

    So, yep. We have a Webex scheduled for this Saturday night, 11:45 pm. Eastern Standard. If we lived a couple few hours west, we could be starting this Webex at 8:45 pm. A much more reasonable hour. Why, you may ask? (Which you aren't, because you probably know how this works.) But I'll...
  11. D

    World Cup Matches on board???

    Going on first DCL adventure June 23 aboard the Fantasy. 7 night Western Carribean. Does anyone have experience with how and if World Cup Soccer Matches will be available and viewed? Is this something DCL will have on their RADAR and or create experiences for? Less than 2 weeks. Getting...
  12. 4KsLUVDisney

    May 19 Eastern Caribbean on Fantasy

    Just booked the May 19 Eastern Caribbean on the Fantasy. Can someone tell me which nights will be formal night, semi formal and pirate night? Thanks
  13. Cheerio

    #Shame - Fantasy Eastern Feb 10-17th 2018 - Our second SWDAS

    Welcome to our trip report! Who we are: Mom :earsgirl: Leanne Dad :earsboy: Gary Kiddos :earsboy: Kevin (18), :earsboy: Ryan (16), :earsboy: Dylan (12.5) and princess: Lauren (11) We were with our neighbors J & M and their two boys L (13) & G (12) This will be our 4th cruise with Disney, so...
  14. Twilight Terror

    FE Group Only - Fantasy 23rd December 2017

    Welcome to our DisBoards FE Group thread! As cleared by mods, this thread has been created purely for the DisBoards FE group registration for our upcoming Very Merrytime Cruise, on the Fantasy departing on 23rd December 2017. Please read the details below about how the group will work, based on...
  15. matthew517

    Disney Fantasy Eastern May 5th 2018 Cruise

    I started this thread to get seasoned cruisers and New cruisers together to share, ask and answer tips, pictures and stories. I have set up a facebook group for this site as well.
  16. Bejeweledj9

    Spending Christmas on the Fantasy!

    We just booked our FIRST CRUISE EVER and decided to go all in! We booked 12/22/18 on the Fantasy for a Merrytime Cruise! I would love to hear about your experiences with spending Christmas on the ship! Our kids have never been away from home on Christmas - any must do's or tips on how Santa...
  17. Bridget B

    Disney Fantasy Wedding and Port Orleans Riverside Trip Report!

    Day 1 | Feb. 24, 2017 | Flight from Chicago to Orlando and check-in at All Star Sports A little back story on this day: my first wedding screw-up (of many, just you wait) is that I put the wrong date down on our marriage-license-by-mail application. Instead of February, I put April for some...
  18. InSearchofMagic

    Sarah & Rob's Cruise Wedding on the Fantasy October 2017

    Hello! I'm so excited to start a planning journal! I've been reading so many other journals over the past few months and it's been so much fun to following along with everyone's stories. I've been so amazed by all of the sweet love stories, all of the creativity, and how supportive and helpful...
  19. AquaDuck - Disney Fantasy

    AquaDuck - Disney Fantasy

    AquaDuck - Disney Fantasy


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