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I just book my reservation with yourride. I'll post when we get back to let everyone know how we made out. I spoke to Rabbit what a very nice man.
Just got back last night, and used them for the first time. We were travelling with another family, and Rabbit was waiting for us with a very comfortable van. I forgot to take the coupon with us that I had printed out, but oh well! LOL

I recommend them, and will use them again next year. Thanks Rabbit!
Thanks guys for the nice things you said about us.

We are the sponsors of the transportation boards.. And we try real hard to make it as E-Z as we can on the transportation part so all you have to do is have fun at Disney. And your not riding like a 'cattle truck"like your other post says. Mears is not included in your package
your paying for it!!!! ºoº ºoº ºoº :wave:

Hope they are as good as you said. I just e-mailed my reservation......but there was no place on the form for my credit card. They DO accept credit cards, dont they?
Is it a one-man operation? The only name I have heard mentioned is "Rabbit". Does he do all the picking up, reservations, etc.?

Also, I booked yourride for our trip in May. I listed on the web site that we will have 4 people. 7 pieces of luggage, and 4 carryons. I assume we will not fit in a towncar. Will they bring a towncar or do I have to request a van?
NO I have other Drives too, but most family coming in right are 4 or 5 so I pick them up in a Van. Now If you would like a Van to fit 4 people with all your luggage just E-mail me and tell me....Thank's Rabittsz

Do they have towncars rather than vans? I really would rather have a towncar for our family of 4 than a van. Also, where can I get this coupon?
I notice your rates say all services are nonstop. I am guessing you charge extra for a grocery stop? We stay at BWV and eat in the room as much as we can.
Robin M.
If you would like a Town Car just e-mail me and tell me......

Rock'n Robin
"NO" I don't charge extra for grocery stop. Just let me know when you make your Reservations that you would like a stop..Rabbit..
I never actually got to use them but...Rabbit was the only one that informed me of DH's delayed flight. He kept in touch with me into the early am hours when it was obvious DH was not going to be able to use him. I definitely plan on giving yourride another shot the next time we go without a rental car. He was a real gentleman, and that to me shows character.
Do you/they pick up at the kissimee train station? We are taking the amtrak train in in June . We will have 4 adults and 3 luggage....what is the general prices? I looked into mears and UGH! They are more then I wanted to spend. Please help me find a better way.
We just returned and used yourride and was very pleased with the services offered. Our driver (Mo-I think) was waiting for us when we arrived (our plane was over an hour late and he was still there) with his town car. We gathered our bags and off we went. Then the night before we were due to return home there was a pleasant voice message waiting at our room from Rabbit confirming that our driver would be picking us up the next day for the return to the airport and he even left his cell phone number in case there were any problems or changes. We had a pleasant driver, an easy ride to and from the airport and were very satisfied. We were offered a grocery stop, but did not need one, but it was nice to have that option. I would definitely call upon Rabbit and his team again the next time we visit.

Disneymommie, I would have to say that they would pick you up there as our driver mentioned to us that they go where ever they are needed.

Love Rabbit (yourride). The night before we were to fly home he called and left a message that security was taking a long time at the airport and he would pick us up 1/2 hour early. I appreciated the attention to detail. He could have picked us up at the appointed time and never gave it another thought. When we arrived in Orlando he offered a grocery shop, he gave us his card with cell phone #, stickers for my tired cranky kids, and interesting trivia during our drive. Word of mouth advertising is the best.....I've told friends who are planning trips to Orlando and I take the opportunity on the boards to Thank Rabbit.
Thanks Rabbit!! See you again in Jan. 2003!
How soon before your trip should you reserve? We are going to Disney in late April and will
be using a Towncar Service. I am going to give yourride a try. I figured that I would rather spend my money on a car than rely on the Mears Shuttle with my 2 kids. I just had Disney take the Mears cost off the price of my package.
It wouldn't hurt to reserve now if you have all your dates set.

We just used Rabbit to transport our daughters, their husbands and 3 children to WDW 2 weeks ago and were very pleased with his service.

We didn't have to pay until they arrived at the hotel.


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