Your gonna think Im nuts...Disney Smell alert..UPDATE! NEW SMELL ALERT!


Mar 11, 2006
I am a big ScentAir fan but purchased this Green Clover and Aloe oil with a diffuser. It is pretty good:


Earning My Ears
Nov 2, 2019
This company has melts and candles that smell like an Orange, AKA soarin. They put some in the vault. If it’s in the vault you can only buy with subscription, you can spread it out up to 8 month. If you are unsure about description on candle go to social media if not enough review. if you get candle and the smell isn’t what you expected do a review expressing your disappointment. Don’t be rude, just upset. They normally reply and say they are emailing you. Or just email them. I think they should give more description. Yet, they can’t because someone would steal their recipe.

Save money, get wax melts. Buy Scentsy warmers on eBay or the Scentsy site. They have room spray. Some candles are strong!!

Spireside Company
search For: Sunshine

Friendly Frog

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Jul 31, 2005
Does anyone know of a candle, room spray, or other product that smells like the H2o marine or sea salt products?


Earning My Ears
Sep 16, 2015
Does anyone know the Saratoga Springs scent? I've never noticed a scent until this past visit, but it was amazing! And my newly renovated room smelled like the lobby as well! I need to find something similar!!