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    Jun 10, 2003
    Cheesy "Potatoes"

    2.5 Cups of Cauliflower (2.5 total net carbs)
    2tbsp of Heavy Cream (.08 carbs) (if desired, for richer taste)
    1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese (to your taste, only trace carbs so add a little more if you want)
    1tbsp Butter
    S&P (No Carbs)
    3tbsp. Cream Cheese (I used whipped) (1.6 net carbs)

    Boil Cauliflower in sauce pan with two cups water covered till tender, around 10 minutes.

    Drain and then use electric hand mixer to "mash" with butter.

    Add in Cheddar Cheese blend, add in Cream Cheese and blend.

    At this point you can add a little Heavy Cream to make it richer this is optional.

    Add a dash of S&P, and any other seasoning you may want to add (garlic, etc.).... Walmart sells a mashed potato seasoning packet for around $.75 cents that is pretty good and only .5 carbs I think, which is something else you could add. Anything to make it your own.

    Taste pretty darn close to Mashed potatoes, very rich and tasty. Would be great with a little lo-carb gravy and pot roast meat, etc.

    Total 4.9 total net carbs for the whole dish which is a decent amount for two maybe more.

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