Wow! The B-days are on the calendar!


DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
June 7:
Luv2Roam (45) boopie (37) Eeyore's Pal (44) jaccceee (31) mr_good
(27) tlocs (32) mbrous6099 (31) beckie123 (28) terribuchanan
(38) GrBear (33) LiZLeE (21) StevenR (42) disneyfreak1
(38) (44) Candy607 (28) Micanths (33) gator
(42) Beetle4535 (48) Jaimee (26) mousechaser (42) shamu
(29) cheshirekitty (24) BeckyM (47) lrma98 (41)
Now we get to see everyones real age HAHAHAHAHA!!!! :jester:
Darn....looks like the Birthday fairy is out of a job! :rolleyes: Not too much of a surprise to see a birthday post when all you have to do is check a calendar...sigh, guess I'll have to come up with something else
I think the B-day fairy will always have a need and a job. She has a much more personal touch than a click to a list.:D I would miss the Happy B-day posts!


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