Will you rise early and do TDS line stand again?

If the new TDS is sold like the last, will you collect all the series?

  • Yes, whatever it takes

  • Depends

  • No, not again

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DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
Just wondering who will be willing to go through more of the same if the new TDS series is sold like the last one.
Hmm ... it's going to depend on a lot of different factors for us. Are there any pins released in a given week that we're REALLY interested in? Was the store shorted any of the pins? What time does the mall open?

I know we'll be keeping in touch with our local Disney Store to find out. I highly doubt we'll be arriving an hour or more before opening this time around.

Of course, a few weeks ago I highly doubted Lauri and I would be heavily trading the state pins and only try to get certain ones. :rolleyes:
Oh no...say it ain't so....

There is going to be another TDS pin series??:earseek: :earseek: :earseek:

Yikes!!!! Guess they like us sleep deprived....we can't think straight and our judgement is off...."yes", she said sleepily, "I would like to buy 'em all. What? They're $10.50 each? OK, give me two of each!" :D

LOL Leslie! Seeing as My store does not open until 10:00 and I have to work form 9-11:30 doubt I'll be standing in any lines.

If I did not have to work I might head over 1/2 hour before opening to see if I could do some trading.

I live across the street from the mall, and since there were only about 8 of us that collected the YoD series, I know I'll be able to show up at 10 and get what I want, without any hassle.

However, I will not be getting them all, especially not the Pooh ones. Definetly the Holiday series.

But I'm really happy to see the Disney Store stocking pins again (and I thought we were asking for them to). Just like at WDW and DL you don't have to buy all of them, but at least when you need traders you can get them!
I'll pick up only the ones that I really want. I'm not going to stand in line for these (gotta catch up on my sleep still). If they have villains, I'll buy most/all of those.
Any idea when the fun is going to start again?

Well, unofficially I have heard and read 01/05/02. However, someone who lives in Michigan, posted on Dizpins that they bought their set today.
Today, one of the stores here wouldn't even officially talk or verify it. And a MI store sold them. Surprised at the inconsistencies already?;) :rolleyes:
Admittedly I made new friends with the last series, but I don't like being sleep deprived. My son likes looking at pins, so if I go to get the new pins, it'll be during the day when I have the time.

Not me. I was missing way to many of yod and I went through all the pins I had and took 30 back yesterday. (MAll Of Ga Store) If I am in the store and they have them I will look and buy what I want but no more saturday mornings for me.
Well at least the store will be back to a normal 10:00 opening. 7:00 was too early, considering I felt like I *had* to be there before that in order to be sure to complete the YoD series.
A 10:00 store opening is no big deal. But I don't plan on scheduling my life around TDS every other Saturday morning for a year. :rolleyes:
A good part of the pressure will be off just not *having* to collect all.
I wanted extra YoD since I knew I needed WDW traders for January. Since we bought AP's, we hope to return again in 2002. But not sure exactly when.
I have the full YoD series and made wonderful trades and met wonderful local people. But I feel like I also missed out on park pins I really liked too because YoD took so much time, money and effort.
I want to be more balanced in this series and doesn't look like that will be a problem.


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