Will my 22 month DD be able to talk to me??


Mar 16, 2000
I know this is gonna sound silly BUT our first born DD will just have turned 22 months when we go on Nov 30 for 8 nights! I've posted and also read alot on these boards how alot of you said your kids this age had a great time. But now I'm worried, I just read in a book that for that age we can expect her to know 6 words. 6 WORDS!! I envisioned having her tell me how much fun she was having! etc.. I know all kids are different but now I'm worried. (I know I'm a worrier!) :rolleyes:
At 22 months old my DD now 6 was talking using sentences containing three words. An example would be "me like mommy". Your right kids develop at different ages and everyone is different, but even if she can't tell you in so many words what a glorious time she is having I am more than positive you will see it on her sweet little face. When she sees WDW her eyes will sparkle and her face will shine. She will then be telling you she loves it there. DOn't worry you will know she is having a ball trust me.. So relax and have fun. :)
All kids develop differently. You WILL know if she is happy by the expressions on her face. Words are not everything ;)


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You never know. By that age my daughters were speaking in full sentences. My friend's daughter is 10 months an is already using more than 5 words both signed and vocal. Last night she said "Bye, bye, go I" She just started walking. Now here speech is more in sign langauge order but that is not surprising as her mother is deaf. (oral)
Even if your daughter can't use more than a few words, you will see her joy in her face and actions.

Pooh Bear

Just got back w/my soon to be 22 month old and you will know! My oldest was speaking very clearly at this age, complete sentences, etc. My baby now doesn't speak as clearly but certainly gets her point across loud and clear!! She was CONSTANTLY asking "where Daisy???" (she loves daisy and we never say her :(
SHe had a great time, for the most part. Scared of the characters at first but by the middle of our trip she was going up and hugging and kissing them all, the sight of that was just priceless, and no one needed any words to see how happy she (and we) were!
have a great time!! take lots of pictures
Our DD was 20-m-o when we took her the first time. She wasn't really talking very much, just a few words. She did say "Duck" for the first time while we were there. The ducks came to our patio door at the Poly every day. She also started saying "Mommy" and "Daddy" a LOT more. She would see something and want us to look at it so she was constantly saying our names.

By the time she was 22-m-o she was talking in sentences. It was like overnight she just started talking. Who knows, maybe her WDW trip inspired her to start talking more.

It was great to just hear her say those few new words when we were there, though and that was enough. You will have a great time!

My DD was 14mo old when we went to Disney, not really saying too much at that time, but the huge smiles she had when on rides and the look on her face on It's A Small World said she was really enjoying herself.

I agree with the above posters, on our first trip our youngest was 27 months and speech delayed, but we all knew how happy he was! He has been back twice since and although he communicates a little better- the memories of his first visit with the mouse will always be the most magical thing ever! :)

By the time my oldest DD was 13 months old there was nothing she couldn't say she could carry on a conversation with the best of them. My youngest DD on the other hand was only saying a few words when she turned 2. We went to WDW just after the youngest ones 2nd birthday while we were there she learned new words mostly Disney related ones but it was really fun to see that the words came out because of the fun she was having. We went back again just before she turned 3 and more words came out again.
Our son was 1 1/2 for Disneyland and 2 for WDW. There is no doubt he enjoyed himself. He was 4 for Universal, which was fine....until King Kong, I did get him back inside to Ghostbuster.

They all grow at their own pace, but no doubt you we see the positive reaction they have and KNOW they are enjoying themselves. The character meals at this age are great with the kids.

I took my DS when he was 20 mos. He did not have a large vocabulary but he was able to let us know what he did enjoy. After the first time we went on Buzz Lightyear, we asked him if he wanted to go on it again and his response was yeah-e and clapping. Then running with his Daddy to the entrance. If he wanted to see something he would point and say please mommy or please daddy. Everyone told me to wait until he was older, I am glad I didn't. When WDW commercials come on and when we are at The Disney Store and the Magic Kingdom is on he gets so excited. He knows where that place is he knows that is where "The Mouse" lives. He is now 26 months and says take me please momma while pointing to the tv ir the screen at The Store. We are going back this year, he will be 2 1/2 yrs old. And I know he remembers now. This time he will get to share the magic with his 6 month old sister.:)


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All children develop differently and at different paces. My daughter is 22 months and has a vocabulary of about 20 or so words, but does not speak in sentences nor does she always say things like Hi and Good-bye. But, I understand her loud and clear and have no problem interpreting her needs. We took her to Disney at 19 months, and while she didn't tell us how she was feeling, her face definitely showed it.
Thanks everyone for your responses. I know we'll be able to see how much fun she's having, after all it is DisneyWorld!! :D


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