Will COVID19 effect 50th anniversary bookings?


Jul 3, 2012
Any speculation as to why the dates after 9/26/21 are still unavailable to book? Still hanging on hope that I’ll be there for the 50th.
Perhaps because a) Disney still hasn't enough information to tell if some or all of the restrictions will be lifted, so they have not yet decided on what if any of the previously planned celebrations are going on and
b) Disney is going to increase prices on stays and tickets purchased for use after September 26, 2021 based on supply and demand. (The prices will not be going down, that's for sure.)


Earning My Ears
Aug 18, 2020
I'm keeping a close eye on the situation as I want to go November 2021 *correct me if I'm wrong but food and wine should be on during that month* but I want to book ASMovies which isn't open yet, and ideally I'd like to book with the dining plan so it really all depends... coming from the UK costs a lot as it is so October isn't realistic for me, but November may be just enough time to save and get it paid. Does anyone have any info on when the all stars may open? I've been keeping an eye but haven't seen much information about them at all... :sad:


DIS meet junkie
Sep 29, 2002
We booked for the 50th (9/30-10/3) before they stopped taking new reservations so we've been set for a while. I hope for everyone else that they open it up again soon.


Mar 8, 2021
Our group happen to book , purchase on the first few days of October not knowing about this event. Wow. That’s something grand to look forward to.
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