Who would book DVC cruise if notified in a timely manner? I mean...

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Sep 30, 2000
Happy Mardi Gras to everyone!!

DVC sends out this cruise postcard in mid Jan. and I'm like ... HEY, if you could have let me know about this cruise a lil' earlier, I would have LOVED to have booked it.

We are going on a 3 day cruise on May 16, that I booked last a this time. BUT... if I would have known beforehand (in a timely manner) that DVC & DCL would offer a member cruise , I would've been part of it.

Does anyone feel like I do ? Also, if you are in the position to take advantage of this offer, I envy you & hope you have a great time.

"Hey Mister, throw me something".... the battle cry @ Madri Gras in N.O. ( at least, the only one I can repeat on this GREAT family board).

I agree. It would have been nice to get more notice of this offer. By the time they send out the offers we tend to have made plans already.
Judst curious ... what postcard did you get? No one mentioned the cruise or even the possibility of it at the OKW meeting at the end of November :(.
We cruised end of Nov., (and used all our points, too). I guess we could pay cash, but I already took kids out of school for a week. I think as an "overall" DVC 10th anniversary special, they should have made someone available that all DVC members could take advantage of - like discount passes, etc.

I agree. We generally need at least 6 months' lead time to schedule vacations. As it turns out, we're going on the Wonder in late April, but we booked the trip last Fall...........
I certainly agree with this one! IF you do not pre plan months DVC imposes penalty on your points.. ie:banking amounts, member getaways... etc. I think they have really done something silly by sending out that post card... Most DVC'ers have at least the next 2 years planned.... I wonder who had that great idea???
I haven't gotten the postcard yet but the cruise has been on the Member Site for awhile....I didn't see it at first and also missed a post that was put here.

You don't get something for nothing....I'm sure the reason they put together this cruise is because they saw bookings were down for this time period on DCL. It's like the AP deals at the WDW resorts...they don't happen until close to the actual time to stay. It's great for those who don't need to plan well in advance and/or haven't already made other cruise plans.

We got the Postcard last week, but I agree with most of your comments, we should have had more notice. But PamOKW is right, they are not doing it out of the "goodness of their heart", sales are probably slow for that time period.:rolleyes:
I'm NOT expecting to get something for nothing.This is a milestone & special event (10th anniversary) and I would have liked to have been part of it. I can understand if DCL has openings at this time of year and DVC can take advantage of it.

I'm just saying that I would have like to have known about a "10th anniversary cruise" beforehand...
even if I would have to pay a higher rate than the one currently being offered. I booked my May 16 cruise at full price knowing that DCL might not offer any discounts.

How many DVC members do you think would have taken part if they knew about the "DVC 10th anniversary cruise" beforehand? IMHO, I think more DVC quest would have signed up for the cruise if they knew in advance even if it was not a discounted rate.

I'm not saying DVC or DCL is wrong... I know DVC & DCL are taken advantage of the slow economy and offering members this great benefit....When do you think they planned this event? I think they could've planned a "DVC 10th anniversary cruise" in advance I just would have loved to plan my vacation around this wonderful event. I think it would have been really special for all members to have had the chance to go on this cruise together.

As far as comparing this "special event cruise" to AP discounts at resorts, it's like apple and oranges.You can't compare the two. I'll book a room and hope I get the discount but don't count on it. Even if I'm planning a family reunion, I would not book rooms expecting a discount. Also, if it's the case that they offered it b/c bookings were low, I think it's POOR planning to put a milestone cruise together on such notice.

But again, I could be wrong... just ask my DW. Oh, Happy Mardi Gras & everybody do a Mardi Gras Mambo!


Also, if it's the case that they offered it b/c bookings were low, I think it's POOR planning to put a milestone cruise together on such notice.

That's what I'm guessing. If it were truly a big member event they would have given more notice. Word is that all cruise lines, Disney included, were way down in bookings in the last quarter of 2001. They probably thought about what would be a "hook" to get DVC'ers to take the cruise and came up with this special member cruise. That's the comparison I'm making to AP discounts. They don't offer those because they love their AP holders.....they do it because they have empty rooms.
I know I really would have been happy to see more notice on this one. For once it is a date that I am off of work for (I teach in NYS), but it isn't enough time for me to plan the cost since I have two weeks at WLV June/July. Oh well, if you are going have a great time!!:bounce:
We are scheduled for April 4th trip. Wished it would have came out sooner. Missed it by 3 days. Can't find a way to reschedule it all now. Would have loved to been on DVC trip. Oh well....
Also, one of the problems I have with the late notice is that by the time the postcard arrived the ship is pretty well booked up. I get 2 cabins but they are just guaranteed. In other words I don't know their location until a couple weeks before the sailing.
I didn't personally try to book the cruise, but was told today that it is now sold out, so apparently enough got the information to make it worthwhile.

I'll assume that, if the response was the good, we'll likely see more opportunities like this in the future.

Stay Tuned!
I happened to call member services today and heard a recorded message while waiting saying the anniv cruise was full. I got my postcard in the mailbox when I got home today, what timing. I think that the notice must have been short. And I think they are relying on the internet distribution of information too heavily.


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