Who is going? When?


I'm happy to dance with you!
Aug 26, 2003
Because of Moonlight Magic on Jan 28, I was able to book a WDW weekend trip after our Girlfriends Cruise DCL January 22-26, 2018. So Tom and I have SSR booked January 26-29, 2018.

My December WDW trip with Family and Friends was WONDERFUL!!

My friend, Patricia and Tom were honored to participate in Flag retreat at MK.


I used a scooter all the time, except when my aunt was there, and I reserved it in parks.

My aunt used the scooter and received excellent service from every bus driver and other Cast Member she encountered. She was thrilled as were my sister and cousins. It was a special vacation we will always remember!!

Our DCL cruise that ended yesterday had many high points, movies, shows, and “This little beauty:”



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Mar 31, 2002
Sounds fun....and looks fun, Bobbi.
We are babysitting DGD Wed and Thurs because of her school being out, so going to attempt a gingerbread house. I don't think it will look as good as Tom's :rotfl:

That added trip hits a couple of our days.


I'm happy to dance with you!
Aug 26, 2003
Sounds good to me, Bobbi, enjoy!!
Thank you! Will you be down for F&W at all?

We will be there from December 1-9 as well. 1-5 at VGF ( yeah, we get to use our small contract for a 4 night stay!) and then Bolder Ridge with some friends from 5-9!
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    Mar 31, 2009
    Hello! I haven't been on in a very long time. I am going back to WDW March 31-April 6. My daughter will be marching with her high school band at MK on April 3. So of course, I had to go for that.
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