Which resort is better HRH or PBH?


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Jun 3, 2000
Which resort will be better for my family? It's me, hubby and DS 4 and DD 2? Which has the better pool for my children? Thanks!

I don't have much information on these two hotels, would anyone kindly tell me a little bit about these two resort? Does anyone have a pictures to share? Thanks!

We are planning to got in September, what kind of deals are there for these hotels? Thanks!
Both hotels have nice pools. The rooms at PBH are much roomier than the HRH. I would see which hotel gives a better deal. As for September hours, they haven't been posted, but it is usually from 9 am to 7 pm.


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I called for HRH rate for September w/ entertainement card, it came to $129.50 + tax for a pool view. What do they normally run? I hope this is a real nice hotel. I have them hold the room for me.
The entertainment rate is 50% off rack. That's a good price for a pool view!

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We stayed at the pbh last year. Myself my husband and kids 3 and 11. The best part of it was the boatride to and from the park. We stay in hotels a lot and travel to Orlando often we live in Fl and have ap's to disney and universal. I really thought for the price I paid which was about 230.00 at the time the rooms were small and food was very expensive. Next time it's the Hardrock for me!!!! I hear that's it's much better!!!
I apreciate everyone's reply. I never knew about PBH and HRH until I opened this board. There is so much to learn about these two resorts. I did some research on this board, but I guess I want more informations.

Since I am holding HRH, I guess I want more information on this one. Do they have a kiddie pool, how is it? Do they have playgrounds? Is this resort more kid friendly than PBH? Are their restaurants very expensive? Do they have refillable mugs like they do at Disney? Sorry for all this questions.

Any information would be greatly apreciated!!
Regarding the pool area at the HRH:
The pool depth is at it's very deepest, 4'6".
There are areas where it's only 3 feet. There are several "fountain areas" where small children play. There are steps into the pool everywhere for gradual entry. The temp of pool is kept very warm.
The slide is big, long, and it spirals. I saw children as young as 3 years (with a life jacket on, HRH provides life jackets and towels at pool), on the slide. I know both my children at age 3 would've enjoyed the slide. You could also go on with your children. It's fun!
There was a sandy area on one side of the pool. There is beach volleyball behind the slide. The Sunset Grill has a bar w/eating area right next to the pool. Having lunch poolside was so relaxing! Prices for kids menu were afforable (chicken fingers & fries $4.25), other stuff was a bit more. Everything I sampled from Sunset Grill was excellent and worth every penny I spent!
Hope some of this info. helps. Patt

The PBH is, strictly speaking, a nicer hotel, but it is also typically more expensive. A comment in this thread says that the PBH rooms are "small" ... I would not consider the PBH rooms to be small by any stretch. The rooms are average to large size and the bathrooms are huge. The HRH on the other hand the rooms are average and the bathroom very small, but you do have two sinks (one inside the very small bathroom, then a vanity and sink outside the bathroom).

The pool area at the HRH is bigger in scale, and the PBH's is just as "nice", just not as large
You will love this hotel with your children. I had two teens with me, but could see how much fun and relaxing it was for people with little ones since there were so many shallow areas. We always stay at deluxe hotels when we can, and were very surprised to get what we did for this price. There was a giant chess board, and we got a kick out of watching all the kids moving around the pieces. We paid what you did, and it was great. Went to Portofino one night, but it was too quiet for us. We'll go back there when it's only us, but for now, we only want to go back to the HRH. ENjoy. :cool:
Reading all this positive posts is getting me hyped up for this trip!! Are you guys sure that I can use the slide pool with my kids on my lap? I know that Disney won't let you do this, but if it is so, then this is great for the kids! My son don't like heights unless I'm there with him. My daughter is only 2 and she will be too young to go on the slide by herself.

Is there any refillable mugs? How about playgrounds for kids? Is the pool view worth the money? Will any of the pool view give me a view of the parks?

Thanks so much! And if there is anything else I need to know please let me know. Thanks!
We spent the week of 4/13 -4/20 at the HRH. During that time, we visited the Portofino. I was very disappointed with the HRH. They are ot kid friendly, the room was filthym housekeeping was terrible and the pool was closed 2 afternoons out of the 6 we were there. While we love Universal, next time we will stay at the Portofino which looked lovely. I can tell you that the pool was great as that is where we had to go when the HRH shut down their pool.
Hi Uescape, I went on the HRH slide quite a few times myself & chatted with the slide lifeguard.
I know they have definite rules about young children wearing life jackets, but I don't know if they have a rule about a parent sliding and holding their child. Perhaps it will depend on the lifeguard on duty. Maybe you could send your oldest child down first and have your husband waiting at the bottom of the slide to catch him/her. Then you could follow? Just a suggestion.
Thanks PattiHW. I hope the lifeguard on duty will be nice enough to let us slide down together.

Is there anything else I need to know about this resort? Thanks! Any more informations will be apreciated. Anyone else would like to share their experience on their stay at HRH or PBH?
Have you checked out the trip reports? There are several people who posted about their stays there. Since it's such a new hotel I think a lot of us are still waiting to experience it ourselves. I'll be there May 20-22. Also do a search of this board for Hard Rock or HRH and you should find a lot of stuff.

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Debbie, Bill & Becca with unidentified friend - July, 2000


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