Which passes do we need???????

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by cinlou, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. cinlou

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    Jan 25, 2001
    We are taking our first trip to wdw on 4/28 - 5/4 and we can't decide which passes to get. We will have 4 adults and 2 children (5 and 4). We plan on going to univ ioa for one day or even a half of a day. Can someone please help me decide if we need the 4 day hopper or the 5 day hopper plus. We will arrive Saturday am around 10:30. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!We are so excited and want to see it all but I know that we have to be realistic. But who can be realistic when you are going to wdw. Thanks
  2. mummajea

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    Feb 23, 2001
    I really think you need to do the math in conjunction with what you are going to do.

    We found it to be cheaper not to go with the hopper plus passes or the ultimate passes. We know that we will not be doing any of the "extra" Just going to the four main parks (MK,EPCOT,AK and maybe MGM) The pools at the WL are just right for us and if we do decide to take in a water park it would be the River country which a days admission would be cheaper then getting a PlUS pass that we might not use.
  3. gregedens

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    Mar 12, 2001
    I agree with the others. I have never really figured out the benefit of the Hopper passes. There is no $ savings and it is billed as convenience. We do 1 park in one day....Who has time for another park in the same day?...unless you are planning ahead to just miss some of the park....and I can't do that.
    Go with individual day tickets.
  4. fab5101

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    Jul 9, 2000
    I would recommend going with either a 4 or 5 day park hopper pass. These passes do not include the water parks, pleasure island, or wide world of sports complex. Going with this, you will be able to hop from park to park on the same day. I know that I only spend about 1/2 day at AK, so that way I can "HOP" to another park (i.e.--MK) for the fireworks or a later parade. The 4 & 5 day passes are available at your local Disney Store and your unused days never expire. I think that for 1 adult 4 day park hopper w/FL sales tax, it comes out to $203.89. If you do the math, you'll find that it really isn't that much difference in the prices, but the hopper makes it that much more convenient. Especially with young children, they can be unpredictable in terms of their likes and dislikes. They may prefer one park over another and having that hopper ready, you wouldn't have to stand in line to buy another ticket....

    Hope this helps...and like I said, this is ONLY IMHO. :D

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