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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by cjeong, Sep 1, 2004.

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    Jul 7, 2004
    The Disboards have always been the best place for advice and over the last few months I haven't been proven wrong once. Thank you.

    Need the experts... for a very long question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    For my very first and very short stay ...can anyone suggest which ticket is the best value to buy for the number of days I'm staying?

    Arriving 6 Jan 3.30pm and flying out 11 Jan 4.45pm. Staying at WL and HRH. Planning to spend 3 days at WDW and 2 days at Universal. Unsure how many hours at each park is needed. Maybe do 2 parks in one day. In WDW I would like to visit MK, Epcot and MGM.

    My dilemma in purchasing tickets is:
    1) I would like to see MK, Epcot, & Mk,
    2) do I need to be in the park to eat and see the fireworks
    3) or can we eat at the resort restaurants and still get good food and see the fireworks?

    What are your suggestions for my ticket options, ways to see the above parks, eat good food and enjoy the fireworks!! or is this a big ask?
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    Mar 7, 2003
    BUMP! :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc
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    Mar 11, 2001
    From the looks of you itinerary, you will only have 4 full days in Orlando. That's going to make it a little tight to fit in both Universal parks and MK, EPCOT & MGM. A lot will depend on when you plan to move from your Disney Resort to your Universal Hotel.

    In order to do 2 Disney parks in one day, you will need a Park Hopper pass. The PH with the least number of days that I know of is a 3-day PHP from Discount Orlando Vacation or a 3-day PH from Alamo.

    Another option would be to get the UPH, which is a length of stay pass, for your WL stay. This will allow unlimited park hopping during your time in WDW, as well as admission to PI, DQ and the waterparks. If you wait until checkin to purchase the pass, you can drop the first night (since you'll be arriving kind of late anyway). The 2005 price for 3 days/2 nights is $193.85 per adult.

    You will not need to be in the parks in order to find a restaurant to eat in. All of the resorts have dining available. The California Grill in the Contemporary Resort is an excellent place to eat dinner and watch the MK fireworks. Ohana in the Polynesian is also a good choice.
  4. captJack88

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    Jan 3, 2004
    I'm not sure if they are selling the 3DPH's anymore, I was at mousesavers.com the other day, and the didn't have prices listed for those, they had 3 day single park tickets and 4DPH's and up from there, but I didn't see 3 DPH's listed. I think you have a do-able itinerary, but you'll just have to make a list of your must see's, and be ok with the fact that you may not be able to do all of them. As far as fireworks go, mad4themouse is right on the mark for Wishes at MK, but I know Fantasmic at MGM you cannot see from outside the park, and you have to get in line to see that pretty early. They do that show in a ampi-thearter that can only be seen from there. You can't even see the show from anywhere else in the park, just in the ampi-thearter. For illuminations, I'm pretty sure you can see them from the boardwalk, so I don't think you have to be in Epcot for that, but you won't get to see the floats on the lake, just the fireworks. I hope this helps! Have fun on your trip, and make a birthday wish for me while you're there, you're leaving on my B-day!

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