Which entertainment card is needed - Orlando or any area?


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Jan 27, 2001
Got ressies for HRH at entertainment card rate - haven't bought the book yet. Do I have to buy the Orlando book or can I buy the book for my area and use that card?
Any Entertainment card from any book should work, except for perhaps the Disney Entertainment card.


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I was just given a ent. rate of 149 for what was called a deluxe room as pool rooms were not available. The girl said the room is the same size as pool room. Wouldn't that be a gardernview
room? Can someone tell me the difference between
deluxe and gardenview? What makes the deluxe room cost more? Thanks
The board says two replies, but none are shown. Wher are they?

Ignore last remark - they finally came up. Wierd!
I was told the deluxe room was bigger than the pool view and the garden view - thus the extra cost. I believe the US web site also mentions this.


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