Which day of the week is the best day to visit?


Mar 26, 2001
I'm sure this has come up before, but since the search is down I was hoping someone could help me out. We are going for a week in June and spending most of our time at Universal and IOA. Since we will have FOTL for those days, I want to make sure I pick a good day for Sea World. Are there certain days that are least crowded? This will be the 3rd week in June. Thanks!:)
I figured we would stay away over the weekend. If you had to choose one weekday, is there one that would be best?:)

Not to be nosy, but have you checked on the Orlando FlexTicket? That's what we used last time, and we loved it. It covers US, IOA, SW, plus WetNWild thrown in for good measure (unlimited admission for a certain amount of time - ours was a week). Just a suggestion.
I'm interested in the Orlando Flex Pass. Where is the best place to purchase this. SAM's Club offers them from time to time, the lenght of use though is shorter than what is listed on the Seaworld Site. Any information you have would be helpful.
Thanks for the suggestions. We bought the Bonus Pass which was offered on the Universal site. We got 7 days for 85.95. With one day at Sea World added to this, it came out cheaper for us. We were going to do the flex pass, but the internet deal came up.

If you chose a day to visit Sea World, Mon. thru Fri.....which would you pick?:)

It doesn't matter M-F. I think Friday would be more crowded, but not much.
You arrive at the gate at 9am when they open. Ride JTA and Kraken first. Then it doesn't matter what you do next because it's mostly shows. The polar exhibit is on the other side of the park and that's just a simulator ride. You can do the walk thru to save time skipping the simulator. Arrive to each show 20 minutes before it starts. Goto lunch at 11am to avoid the crowd.


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