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Which one should I choose

  1. Moderate at full price

  2. Moderate with free dining

  3. Renting DVC points

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  1. Temair

    Temair Mouseketeer

    Oct 26, 2005
    I'm in the planning stage of our trip for early Oct 2011. This trip is to celebrate the baby's 1st birthday and to celebrate being completely debt free. We will be paying off our mortgage before the baby is born. Anyway I convinced DH that we should upgrade to a Moderate so we would have more options for dining and a pool with a slide for the then 12 year old. So I was looking at prices and trying to figure things out. So here are the options I'm thinking about and trying to decide between.

    Option 1 Moderate Resort full price with dining plan 7 nights 6 Day PH tickets $3690

    Option 2 Moderate Resort full price with free dining 7 nights 6 Day PH tickets $2850 (That is if Free Dining is available)

    Option 3 Rent DVC Points Beach Club Studio with dining plan 7 nights 6 Day PH tickets $3535

    So what it comes down to is do I go with the Moderate and hope that we get free dining, or spend the little bit extra and stay at Beach Club, which would be the ultimate dream for me and my family. I'm really leaning towards beach club, but the discounts I could get at the moderate do save money.
  2. BrightI's

    BrightI's Earning My Ears

    May 19, 2010
    We've done both moderates and renting points. If you're staying in a studio, I'd go with the moderate and free dining, only because it's cheaper.

    If staying at the Beach Club appeals to you more, then I'd go with renting points. :)

    How's that for a non-answer? ;)

    Oh, and congratulations on paying off your mortgage! That's great! :cheer2:

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