Where to stay? Please help????


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Mar 15, 2001
Hi everyone, I am fairly new to these boards. I found them the other day and I think I am very fortunate that I did. I have been enjoying reading this board every chance I get. You all seem to know so much and have offered so many helpful ideas.

I entered to win 2 free Disney coupons on a site the other day and since I've gotten several email messages from the site and a phone call this morning from a lady at Westgate Resorts. She said this would be a 1 bedroom with a king or queen bed (can't remember which) a full living area with a sofa that turns into a bed, a full kitchen with pots and pans. The resort she said has 11 pools, Jacuzzi and she rattled on some much other information that I can't remember right now. Price includes a family pass to wet'n wild, and some boat (gambling) ride. The boat I guess is not open in August though, but she said it's good for a lifetime and is transferable.

My family is planning a trip somewhere around the middle of August. We are just trying to find out when my husband is able to get off and for how long. So I've not booked anything just yet. The woman said a 6 night stay at this resort would be right around 300. It was very low 300's.
I forget exactly how much. Oh yeah and it also included breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe' I believe. She spoke real quick here so I could have heard that wrong, but I am sure it included 1 breakfast somewhere. The only thing about staying here is we would have to sit through a 90 minute presentation of some sort there. I'm sure they are selling time shares or something. Our last trip I sat through the speal at Disney just because I wanted to, we got nothing out of that one. So I really don't mind this at all.

If anyone has any information about this at all would you please post for me? I've got my heart set on staying at the HRH for the front of the line attractions, but with this one having a full kitchen I thought we could really save some money on breakfast and possibly late night something or other to eat. We have decided that we want to do Disney for 4 days, Universal for 3, and some water park for a day. Blizzard Beach or Water Mania, we aren't sure which is going to offer the better deal yet. With this hotel it would definitely be Water Mania. We'd like to go to Sea World, but live close enough to Sea World in Ohio that we've decided to skip the one in Orlando and concentrate on attractions not available to us here at home.

The real question is. Stay offsite at these Watergate Resorts (which they make sound great) or stay at All Star at Disney and HRH at Universal? I would appreciate any advice that anyone has to offer.

Another question real quick. Is there anywhere on any of these boards that tell you what all the abbreviations mean? There are so many that it gets so hard to understand what everyone is trying to say.

Thanks for all your help!
As for timeshares, there is not obligation to buy. However, the sales presentations are generally high pressure and you may feel the urge to buy. Sometimes it is worth sitting in a presentation for free tickets or a cheap place to stay. Sometimes you just want to hit yourself with a hammer to get out of it. HRH is a nice hotel with the great perk of FOTL, but you may be spending anywhere from 2 to 5 times as much with the timeshare thing. Ultimately, it is your vacation. I am giving you the information and you can make your own decision. Whatever you decide, remember to have a good time! :)


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We just returned from Orlando.4 nights on property and then off property at the Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare. We stayed with friends at the Hilton and decided before we left (both families) that we will never stay off-site again. We like the convenience of being on property even though it costs more.
Hard Rock Hotel was absolutely wonderful! No line no wait worked like a dream!!! Well worth the $$$$ IMHO!!!!
I agree on HRH. Just back and In my opinion the deluxe room beats ANY of the Disney on site hotels.Best hotel I have ever stayed at. The fotl worked so great. We saw huge lines, and just walked right into the express line, and many times got right into the front seat. The beds are soooo comfortable, you dont even want to get out. Down comforters!!!Feather pillows!!! The linens, towels in the bathrooms, are superior quality. The soaps, shampoos, etc. top quality. Thick chenille type carpeting. Leather chairs. I could go on and on, but even the Grand Floridian, cant stand up to these rooms. And when they say close to the oparks, they mean it!! We walked every day, and I think the walk from the parking lot to the monorail at disney is longer. Just great, our teen-agerers could really have their freedom here.
I think I'm sold on the HRH! Being able to go to the front of the line is just priceless. Expecially in August. We visited Disney one other time late in September a few years ago and at that time of the year it wasn't too crowded really. We pretty much jumped right on everything without much of a wait. August though, I don't think that's going to happen.

I'm going to get the entertainment card and join Loews as everyone has suggested. I am just so excited about this whole trip that it's almost consuming me right now. LOL

Thanks again everyone!


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