Where to find autograph book????


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Jan 12, 2000
I went to our Disney store to get my kids autograph books. They don't sell them???? I found that to be strange. They said I have to get them at the park. I wanted to have them prior to entering the park on EE day. Any suggestions???
I always tell guests the best thing to do as far as autograph books is to wait until check-in at your resort. Then while one adult is checking in (this as you know can take more than a few minutes), the other people in your party head to the hotel gift shop where they carry the official autograph book and fat pen (you must have the fat pen for the characters - it is easier for them to hold onto). This keeps the children from getting antsy while you are waiting in line to check-in.
You used to be able to get them at your local Disney Store, but I haven't seen them in ours for quite a while now.

Sadly, I find fewer things in there ever time I go. The Disney Stores ain't what they used to be.



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If you are flying and getting off at the Orlando MCO there is a store there like a disney store I believe it's called the Magic of Disney or something to that effect they have them for approx $6.00 or you can get them at almost any store in the parks there all the same price!!! :)

I just found some today at the Dollar Tree at our Mall. They are black, w/ colored pages and I am going to get Disney stickers and let my boys decorate their books!!

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Gifts of a Lifetime has been able to get one for my son last year so we would have it prior to arriving last year.


I found a great deal on a 4 pack of 3x5 Disney notebooks that have 50 pages each for $1.99 t Oriental Trading company. They are a party supply store. Here's the link.
I just looked and got the link for you. They have some with other characters too like Tinker Bell. Just do a search on the site for "Disney" Here's the link.

I found some great disney autograph books on eBay... I bought my daughter and her BFF each one they come with this great little bags to keep them in along with pens. They also come personalized for a great price too only $13.95! The seller's name is howddode :thumbsup2


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