Where In The World 21. We are now completely legal!!!


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Jul 16, 2008
One of the International Gateway stores when you come into WS from FW. The have some country displays/posters.
World Traveler? Port of Entry?

Glad it was just a zipper issue.
YES...SO glad it was/is a zipper issue and just hope it continues to work using the pliers to get past that area. It would be a "bit**" to try to cut some of the material out of that area to get it to work better! o_O The dress is so well made I don't know HOW I'd "get to the inside" to accomplish what needs to be done!

:cool1:Denise, I think you also mean Port of Entry or (it's officially called) Disney Traders that Diane named; those are the 2 shops where you come into the WS from FW. International Gateway stores are at the entry from the Boardwalk & YC/BC resorts between France and England. Diane has already identified this as "Norway" and Denise has identified the posters! :cool1:


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