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Aug 17, 1999
I know it's too late to sign up for the hotel package, but is it too late for event-only tickets? I still don't know if DH and I will be able to come, but if I don't know the exact dates and cost, we'll never have an answer. I seem to remember there being a webpage somewhere around here with info, but now I can't find it...

So have event-only tickets been released? How much are they, and are there any still available? What are the exact dates again?




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Rajah...the events-only registration has already opened and closed. Pete capped the event at 300 people and we reached it almost right away. As people cancel out though he will have spaces available. He said that there would be a 'waiting list' for people to fill those spots.

Maybe you should e-mail Linda at her dreams address or Pete at his DIS-Con address. I don't have those handy, but I bet someone else does. :)

Good Luck. I hope you can make it. :)

<font color=green size=3>Boise DIS Meet,
March 17th 2:00pm
Red Robin, on Parkcenter Blvd.</font>

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Oh well, that's what I figured. We may still look into coming around that same time and attending the non-official mini-events -- like the Buzz shoot-off and such. Those don't cost anything to attend, right? ;)

If the tickets *do* happen to open up and become available again, how much are event-only tickets again? That'll help me know whether to keep watching or give it up.




(Links will return when I find a new place to host the sites)
Rajah, I emailed you whatever info I had at my fingertips..

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Mac-key - could I receive the same email? I've been wondering the same as Rajah...Thanks!


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