When is "too soon" to put up Christmas yard decorations?


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Jan 9, 2014
At least half of the communities around me already have their Christmas decorations up, and by “communities” I mean the neighborhood associations have decorated the common areas — the neighborhood entrances, front gates, etc. I can’t imagine they’re taking issue with the residents putting up decorations when they themselves have been fully decorated for the past week or two. Some places had lights up in October for Diwali, as well, so I think this area is happy to celebrate festive occasions year round.


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Feb 11, 2009
Yes, I do. Every parent has to make choices on what's best for their kids. Where we live, nearly every community is HOA. If we want one without an HOA, we'd have to live in a house that's not part of a neighborhood (think along a main road or in the middle of nowhere). We wanted our kids to live somewhere that friends are within walking, bike ride, or 2 minute car ride away. So here we are. It wasn't what DW and I would want for ourselves. HOAs can claim whatever "intent" they wish, it's still trying to put controls on the piece of property and home I purchased with my own money. Tell me what tree I can plant in my yard? Tell me what I can or can't have in my driveway? Tell me what Christmas decorations I can have and when? Nope. Not gonna happen. As I said, I'm lucky in that this one is quite lenient with Christmas decorations, and I don't want them up too early or too late either, so that works out. But I've gotten a letter or two from them about our garage door being open, or a weed in our lawn. You can guess what happened with those letters. :ssst:
The "controls" you speak of are what those of us who choose to live in an HOA want. I don't really want my neighbor to have an overgrown Weeping Willow dripping sap on my property. I don't really want my neighbor parking a 50' Winnebago in their driveway blocking my view of the street from my window and when backing out of my driveway. Its unfortunate you feel forced to live in an HOA, but at the end of the day, HOAs are still optional and crafted for those of us who want that style of living. Residents that are ornery about the bylaws just make it difficult and create tension in the neighborhood. Its a little audacious for someone to move into an HOA, fully aware of the bylaws, and then blatantly disregard them.


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Aug 12, 2007
I'd have ours up already except I had to paint the replaced porch railing first.

And now that that is finished my husband says he wants to grind up the leaves on the ground before I put out any decorations.
So instead I put my Christmas Village up in the house. And am thinking of doing the kitchen swag this weekend. LOL


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