When can I be in the Park?


DIS Veteran
Apr 3, 2001
My Southwest flight arrives in Orlando at 9:00am. We have a National Emerald Aisle car reserved and are staying at the WIlderness Lodge.

We want to hit the MK as soon as possible. What is a realistic time to plan on being at MK? We plan on checking in at WL and then taking boat launch to park.

Considering everything goes smoothly from landing, baggage claim, rental car, drive to and check in at WL what time would you say? What about worse case scenerio?

Thanks in advance I am just completely compulsive and what to maximize my time at MK. It will be me, DH and 2 nieces (9 & 6)


DIS Veteran
Sep 26, 2002
DW and I have been inside a park (DAK) in a little over an hour from the time our flight landed (also using National Emerald Aisle, but NOT checking in at our resort). I would call this the best case scenario. Allowing the extra time for checking in at WL and riding the launch to MK, I would give it at least 2 hours.


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