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Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by quidam, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. quidam

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    Aug 7, 2002

    Does anyone know if there will be any special deals for Canadians this summer? I've read about the Summer Dream Maker Package, but I'm wondering if I should book our stay before April 17 or wait for something more interesting to come after that date?
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    Jun 19, 2000
    The Summer Dream Maker package is only good for stays beginning 4/18/04 to 7/4/04. We're all still waiting for codes/discounts for after July 4th. Hopefully a Canadian discount of some sort will come out....it has for the past few summers. But if you're going before July 4th you can book the Summer Dream Maker package now and if a Canadian code comes out that covers your time frame, you can switch to that rate (I don't think the Summer Dream Maker package is that great a deal). I find the Canadian codes are often valid for different time frames than other codes. Keep your eye on this board (& Mousesavers) for the release of any Canadian codes...I find they usually appear here before they do on Mousesavers.

    Right now I have our resort booked with the CAA rate but I'm patiently waiting for codes with the hope that I can get a much better rate than that. Let's keep our fingers crossed. :)

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