What were the first offering prices for 10 day Dec. 16, 2006 cruise?? Cat. 6?


DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 2001
I was looking at the Christmas 2006 10 day cruise. The prices are so high, I was wondering what they started out out when released last Fall?

Did you book when the prices first came out, if so would you please offer the price you paid for 2 kids 2 adults?

I am interested in both cat. 6 and cat. 9 prices for 4 people.

I am thinking about canceling my Dec. 17, 2005 cruise and booking the Christmas 2007 cruise instead. Let's hope they have some great ports like they do in 2006.

Lisa F

is a very wise woman
Feb 22, 2000
In my experience, the holiday cruises start out high. I don't think anyone gets rock bottom prices on these regardless of when you book. I once looked right after rates were released for a NYE cruise and the rates were still very high, maybe a few hundred lower than later on but not a huge difference.


Earning My Ears
Mar 22, 2005
We just booked this today and Costco was almost $2000 cheaper than online for a cat. 7. I hope this helps.


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Jan 13, 2003
I booked a Cat. 6 and a cat. 11 for two people in each 4 months ago and it was a total of 11800.00. It looks like 13100.00 for the same booking now.........

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