What was the pin release you heard about that


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Dec 24, 1999
never happened?

I remember the castle dangles. Everyone said they where coming out with 4.... The white, gray, blue and a red one.

I bet I had 3 or 4 trades waiting on the release of that red one. Anyone know when it is coming out? I have been waiting for 6 years...
Disney Holiday Pin. Each year Disney was doing different Holiday collections of plates, cups, etc. In 2000 it was SteamBoat Willie and it was great collection. That year they also put out an LE pin that matched the collection theme. I heard, Pin Rumor, that it was going to be done each holiday going forward. Well, I am still waiting. I did ask some folks and guess what. THEY FORGOT about that and didn't do the pin and haven't done it since. It would have been a nice collection!!
I remember that pin... Everyone wanted the first one...


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