What was the Commodore House at OKW?


Oct 24, 2001
In my search for an OKW map, I came across an old one and it looks like Bldg. 62 used to be something called the Commodore House. Anyone know what this was?
It was the building where the OKW models were and where the sales staff had their offices.
It's been torn down and 3(?) buildings with elevators were built in it's place......spruce
It was a magical place where they walked you through the DVC concept.

The presentation was pure Disney. They provided childcare while you discussed joining with your sales rep.

There were make your own sundaes, and they'd take a picture of your family. When you saw the photo, it looked as if you were all in a DVC hot air balloon.

Practically speaking, it outlived it's usefullness, but it was sad to see it go.:( :(
It was a magical welcome to DVC. The kids were babies and the ice cream was smeared on their faces from nose to chin. The big yellow car out front was a beauty and I remember walking out back from the model overlooking the water with the fountain and the small animals feeding, and the lush vegetation and we were sold. No wonder building 16 is our favorite and always our one and only request.


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