What to do and what to Chose???

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by chip64, Jul 21, 2001.

  1. chip64

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    Jul 15, 2001
    BTW, thanks as always Michelle! This really does sound like a fantastic deal as compared to the many pkgs. offered at WDW! We have been to DL before, but have never been to the Grand Californian. My questions are these: Would anyone suggest an off-site versus an on-site? Also what would be someone's preference as to what DL resort hotel?Please keep in mind that we have stayed at the DL hotel and also the new Paradise Pier Hotel which was the DLP. Is the new GC Hotel that nice? What are the pros and the cons of this hotel, if any Our last stay they were building the new California Adventure. After reading so many negative posts on various boards, is this new park worth a look at? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks folks, Chip&Janet.
  2. Peter Pan Fan

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    Aug 6, 2000
    IMO, the new park is well worth a look, especially for adults. Now that park hopping is included with most tickets, you don't have to worry that you "wasted" a day if you enter the park and find it not to your liking. Again, though, we are 2 adults and really enjoyed it. It reminded me a lot of MGM studios.

    Regarding the hotel, I don't think its that important to stay on site at DL, unlike WDW. There are lots of local hotels with shuttles that are very nice. We stayed at the Portofino Suites during out last trip in April. It was $570 for 2 adults, that included 3 nights and a 3 day pass (now it would be a hopper pass, back in April we couldn't hop). However, if $$ is no concern, I would definetly stay on site. We have stayed at the PP in the past and are hoping for a good deal this September to be able to stay at the GC. It is so close, you can walk to everything, so we really want to stay there. Right now their rates are $238/night which is a DC or AAA discount. We currently have $150/night at the PP but if we can get a better deal we will be switching to the GC.

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