What things do you do to start your trip and what’s the last thing you do to end your trip


Earning My Ears
May 28, 2013
I always start at Disney Springs by visiting Guest Relations and making sure my tickets are prioritized for the week and taking care of any adjustments I need to make (switching an event date, someone wasn't able to come so having them assist with reallocating ticket media). They are usually very helpful there.

If I have the early morning flight the next day I always try to get Jungle Cruise as a late night ride. Sometimes I have had the boat to myself and it has been like getting a backstage tour of the ride since the skipper will point out different things if you ask. If I am leaving late in the day (and have an annual pass which I do not right now) I would usually go to Hollywood Studios to hit Rock and Roller Coaster and Twilight Zone. Of course, when they had them I also had to get the Darth Vader cupcake.


DIS Veteran
Mar 10, 2014
In the Before Times, we would take the early AM flight, try to sleep in the plane (and fail). Arrive at resort, drop bags, and go to nearest park. If MK resort - we used to aim for Casey's for lunch and a few bleary-eyed rides before arrival night dinner that *used to be* California Grill or 1900 Park Fare, or whispering canyon. If EP area resort, we'd go to EP and get lunch somewhere in the WS. This last trip, it was Teppan Edo and it was so great!

Upcoming trip, we have a Crystal Palace dinner scheduled on arrival day, so we'll be the dazed, exhausted and happy zombies wandering around MK.


Aug 10, 2009
We like to arrive around noon. (We drive.) If our room is not ready, we get our mugs and explore the resort while waiting. We often eat at CS. First night park is always MK, staying until fireworks.
Last night is dinner at Via Napoli and EPCOT fireworks. That next morning, we check out, load car, and head to MK. Last lunch at LTT before leaving around noon.
We are thinking of changing it up a little on our next trip (2022) by starting with Character breakfast at the Riviera before getting our room. We will park at our resort, YC, and take the Skyliner to Riviera. We haven't been to WDW since 2019, so it will be like our first thrill ride of the trip! LOL.


Earning My Ears
Apr 23, 2008
Start: Drop our stuff at the hotel (usually Pop but we're now DVC so SSR) and head to HS
End: Depends on our mood--usually last in a park (this year it will be Epcot) before heading to the airport.


DIS Veteran
May 30, 2008
We take the earliest morning flight out of Philly we can get. We usually head to Epcot. We make an ADR for an early dinner at one of the countries. Last time was Italy. Last day is a park with getting on one of our favorite rides last. Eating a special treat on our walk out and of course talking about when our next trip will be! 😃


Earning My Ears
DVC Gold
Jun 12, 2020
I love to have our last night of the trip be fireworks and castle show at Magic Kingdom. It just feels like the correct way to end a trip! :)