What pin do you have to trade that you get the most requests for?


DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
Right now I get many daily requests for the DLP PTP. The requests I have are fair and good. Just nothing that makes me want to do the Happy Pin Dance. :D :jester:
I still get many e-mails for the NE, SD, and IA state pins. They are long gone. Wish they weren't, but...:(
I use to get daily TA e-mails for the #1 DL mystery pin. That that seems to have fazed out. Although it is still a good trader. :)
What seems to be your hot item?
I think the most frequent offers I get are for the following

dcl halloween 2001
roy/mickey rose parade
myster pin #2 epcot banner

there are a few others that are consistent, but I too find, that none of the offers are making me do the happy pin dance either. I have one offer right now that I am considering for one of the pins that is sort of interesting but I still need to think about it. I guess cuz I feel that once the pin is gone so is it's tradability.

dawn g:smooth:
It seems everyone wants my Cast Member Walt 100 Birthday Pin. This pin is huge.

I actually meant to hit want on this pin instead of hitting have to trade.

As it happened I was able to get this pin - I am working on pinpics now and have updated 50 of the pages - only 33 to go.

I will make sure I change this.

I hate to alway answer back on the Pinpic requests that I no longer have a pin because I feel like I waste peoples time and I disappoint them.

That is why it is good that I am snowed in today - I will sit here all day and finish my updating.


If you can get all that done in one day, I for one will be very impressed...:)

With two pin-trading kids in the family, who are fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of trading, we've got tons of updating to do......and seems everytime I add a pin to their trader list, they go and trade the darn thing, so I'm never caught up!

And before anyone asks, the reason they don't do their own updating is that one's too young and the other's too busy........or so they tell me..........sigh.......:rolleyes:

Well a little obvious in my case.... I get the most trade offers for the PinPics pin which is good because I have more of that pin than i have others...... HEHE



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