What is your experience w/ booking two reservations at same hotel ?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MelanieC, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry if you saw this on the codes & rates board-thought this might do better here.

    What is your experience with booking two reservations at the same htoel to get a discount? I'm thinking about booking two reservations at the Pop Century to get a AAA discount for the full 16 nights.

    Here is some background.

    DH has never liked the idea of two reservations. I remember years ago when we could get a discount if we switched hotels he said absolutely not. Now I understand that- but he still has a hang-up about two reservations in the same hotel. His biggest fear is being hassled to check in /check out and having to switch rooms.

    So yesterday I inquired about AAA discounts. I could save about $294 with the AAA discount and even after purchasing the AAA membership it would still save around $250.

    Then I called DH on my drive home from work. When I told him it would be two reservations he said NO, that is would be too much hassle. RFL????

    I said - hon, we would be saving $250 dollars and that is a lot of money. He then thought about it and agreed. I told him to think about it and we would talk about it later. Of course he was working late last night and after he picked DD up from a field trip at 10pm last night we never got to talk about Disney.

    So I still don't know the answer. He would NOT be a happy camper if he had to change rooms. I mean this is a BIG issue for him.

    How much of a chance to we have of having to move. It would probably ruin his vacation, lol????????? Maybe I can try to make it fall on a day we have reserved for the beach or La Nouba day.

    Please let me know what your experiences have been. I'm just trying to prepare myself so I can talk to DH about it tonight.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have had continuing reservations MANY times. Mainly, when I can get a discount on some days of my trip and not on others, or as you said when the length of my trip exceeds the allowed number of days. Or when on my trips, some days had two adults, and other days had three adults, and I didn't want to pay the extra adult charge for the entire trip.

    I have NEVER had to change rooms. Just tell the Reservations center to link your reservations and you should be fine.

    Also, about 5 days before your trip, fax in a reminder to them that you have continuing reservations and could they be linked, and also, when you check in for the first reservation, remind them that you have a continuing reservation.

    Then, all you have to do the morning when your first reservation ends is drop by the front desk and get new room keys issued. That's it!! Believe me, the staff at the resort doesn't want to move you either. When a guest leaves a room it is more work for the housekeepers and more work for the luggage folks.
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    Tell your husband that he has little to fear. If anything. Clkelley made the point quite nicely. We've only had to do this once and it was so easy. For your first reservation, if you use the express check out, your bill will be on your door in the morning. Just go to the front desk and they will either recode your key or give you new ones. I'd say it's 99.999999% that you will then walk right back up to your room for the rest of your stay. The only "hassle" is stopping in at the front desk and checking back in. Plan to have breakfast that morning at the food court and all you will need to do is have one person take a short detour.

    Show him these responses. And then bet him a week of non nagging if you are wrong. If you are right, he has to give up the right of channel changing on the remote for a week.

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