What I'm Focussed On - Picture Composition


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Feb 8, 2010
The purpose of this Assignment is to get out and have fun using our cameras, maybe learning a few things along the way, so pictures should be new as often as possible (though if you have a relatively new picture that fits a category, you can use it). All cameras and skill levels are welcome.

This could be one that we run for the year. No prizes can be rewarded other than recognition for a job well done!

Where possible, please use pictures taken from 15 January 2014 as the intent of this assignment is to get out and about. However, given that this is running from the start of 2014, if you do have a recent (2013’ish) picture already on file, by all means post it – especially if you would like to share your best pictures taken during 2013!
If you post a picture, please share what you did to take the picture irrespective of whether you shoot with a point and shoot or a dSLR. For those with a dSLR, please include your ISO, aperture and shutter speed; as well as a brief description of anything that might help others learn from your experience.

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Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!
Feb 8, 2010
What I’m Focussed On - Picture Composition

Shot composition! Anyone else wonder about the basics and how to do this better?

I've certainly been wondering about it and trying to work on this part of my photography during 2013 and into 2014. Afterall, despite today's gadgets and gizmos and a world of post processing, if I take a well composed shot, it will be interesting in itself, right?

This assignment is all about Picture Composition.

Please share your thoughts and pictures of what you consider to be good picture composition. This assignment may involve taking a picture of the same subject in what you see to be a good shot and what might be considered as not so flattering light.

If possible, please post any commentary in how you chose to compose your shot so that we can learn from your experience.

Feel free to share your best shots taken during 2013; if it helps build up the body of work in this thread. Afterall, we can all learn from looking at different picture compositions taken from your perspective.



And if anyone else finds better references, please post the link!


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Feb 8, 2010
I was lucky enough to spend some time in Colorado last year. I spent 3 evenings checking out sunset over the mountains and figured there was a shot somewhere there.

On the 3rd evening, I finally backed my judgement and got out there. The colour was spectacular and this was my first shot.

The mountain range pretty much looked like that. The picture lacks something, doesn't it?

I looked along the ridge where I was and found what I was looking for not too far away from me. Following the Rule of 3rds, this was my second shot.

To me, I thought the shot was too regulation. Besides, my eye was immediately drawn to the tree; rather than to the sunset.

So I moved the frame a little over, deliberately breaking the Rule of 3rds. Personally, this is the picture composition I prefer.



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Aug 22, 2010

untitled-155.jpg by Havoc315, on Flickr

Love the composition of all the "straight lines" of the different gymnasts, including the cartoon gymnast painted on the wall.
Not an easy shot, taken from quite a distance in a low lit gym. Since I wasn't using a 2.8 telephoto lens, had to boost the ISO all the way up to 12800 and then brighten in further in post, so it was a pretty noise picture. The corners are also a bit soft.


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Feb 12, 2002
The rule of third is a rule that can be broken to get a good shot. Don't be afraid to break it.


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May 15, 2013
From my son's swim meet. That's him with his hands on his head. He's not in pain, just trying to push in his goggles. It's become a habit of his.

Shot with Sony NEX-7 w/ Sony E 18-200, ISO 1600. Indoor swim meets are such a touch environment to shoot with the lighting and distance from the action but I end up with a few keepers. :)



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